Mafia Chapter 1 Movie Download Available For Fans Of Tamil Action

Hanima Anand |Mar 26, 2020

The Tamil action movie came out on February 21, starring Arun Vijayakumar. Soon after its release, Mafia Chapter 1 movie download link has been leaked out by pirate sites.

Mafia or Mafia Chapter 1 movie download is the latest Tamil action film from Karthick Naren. It was released on February 21 and distributed by Lyca Productions.

The movie features Arun Vijayakumar and Priya Bhavani Shankar in lead roles while Prasanna in the supporting role. The filming and dubbing just finished in November last year. Principal photography is mostly done in Chennai with some sequences in Thailand.

Mafia Chapter 1 Movie Download
The Tamil action movie was released one month ago.

Moving to the film plot, the story revolves around Aryan who is a Narcostics Control Bureau Officer. His ultimate goal is to get rid of all drug dealers or drug groups after his brother got addicted.

Aryan works with Sathya, Varun, Selvam and Mugilan. However, both Selvam and Mugilan are killed by a big drug lord. Thanks to the Mugilan’s USB stick, Aryan tracks down the murderer who turns out to be a reputed technology entrepreneur and, surprisingly, a philanthropist. This guy named DK also has connections with many politicians to ensure his illegal business.

Priya Bhavani Shankar
The film features the beautiful Tamil actress Priya Bhavani Shankar.

Finally Aryan catches DK, forcing him to commit suicide as he doesn’t want to go into jail. However, before killing himself, DK reveals that he is not the drug lord that Aryan is chasing after all the times. The story twists when the identity of the real drug lord is unveiled – Dilip, Aryan’s brother.

The ending opens another story for Mafia Chapter 2.

For more details, you can check Mafia Chapter 1 movie review on Times of India.

Mafia Movie Download
Some sequences are filmed in Thailand.

Besides Mafia plot which captivates audience and increases the search for Mafia Chapter 1 movie download online, Mafia Chapter 1 song is also noticed by many.

The music is composed by Jakes Bejoy who are currently scoring Telugu, Malayalam and Tamil movies. Mafia song Vedan Vendaacho was released one day earlier than the movie itself.

Well, no more playing for time, here is the link to Mafia movie download Chapter 1.

Don’t forget that downloading movie for free online is against the copyright laws, which affects the movie revenue as well as leads to some legal troubles if you’re caught.

If you can afford, we highly recommend you watch Mafia movie on paid platforms rather than getting Mafia Chapter 1 movie download link on pirate sites.

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