"Life Of Pi" Full Movie Download - The Spectacular Journey That Boosts Irrfan Khan's Reputation

Salena Harshini |Apr 29, 2020

"Life of Pi" is the Academy winner that created a frenzy among the viewers ever since its release. The adaptation follows a spectacular journey of a boy and a tiger in the mid of the sea.

Life of Pi is a fantasy film directed by director Ang Lee, based on the novel of the same name by writer Yann Martel. After its release, the film was a commercial success, grossing over $609 million worldwide. Life of Pi movie download is always on spot in terms of searching volumes as the film is all-round.

Life Of Pi
Life of Pi movie download is available online

At the 2013 Academy Awards, director Lee won the Best Director award for this film, and at the same time, Life of Pi also won awards in the categories of Original Music Score, Visual Effects, and Cinematography.

Beside Irrfan Khan - the Indian cinema legend, the film did not include the most well-known stars, as the male lead was assigned to a young actor named Suraj Sharma. But Life of Pi full movie still conquered the audience with compelling content, insightful, and aesthetic film images.

Centering around the theme of belief in God, Life of Pi tells the incredible journey of an Indian boy with the strange name Pi - the son of a caretaker in India. His family emigrated to Canada, but he was in distress when the ship reached Mariana.

Pi is the only survivor on a lifeboat with a hyena, zebra, orangutan, and a big Bengal tiger who he called Richard Parker. The hyena killed the zebra and orangutan but then the tiger ate all four of them. Pi went through an intense fight with the tiger to survive.

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Review: The film is highly rated with the emotional lines, magnificent ocean sceneries. Especially, it makes viewers realize the profound human meanings. The film also impresses with shimmering scenes of the spectacular sea, cloudy sky, a surreal adventure of a boy and a tiger.

Not only is the 227-day journey at sea of ​​a 17-year-old boy, but Life of Pi also contains many meanings about life, religion, spiritual values, human instincts. One of the scenes that made the audience react strongly to Life of Pi movie download is its ending.

After the journey amid the ocean with Richard Parker the tiger, Pi has drifted to the waters of South America.

The tiger immediately went to the forest and Pi was rescued by the indigenous people. He became a phenomenon, came to Canada, got married, had children. A writer (author Yann Martel himself) came to Pi and wished to hear this incredible story again.

Life of Pi movie download offers the most fantastic scenes

When Pi finished his story, this writer, like many others, found it hard to believe this ending. Pi went on to say that when he was taken to the hospital, two Japanese shipping line employees came to ask about the story to see why their company's ship was wrecked. They also doubt the authenticity of the story Pi tells.

So this character recounts a different version, more terrible but satisfies the authenticity that people require. The four animals jumping on the lifeboat are actually 4 people. The hyena is the chef, the orangutan is Pi's mother, the zebra is the sailor and the Richard Parker is the embodiment of Pi.

According to what happened in the movie, the hyena tried to eat the orangutans and zebras, then was eaten by the tiger.

Irrfan Khan Life Of Pi
Irrfan Khan's performance in this movie is one of those that strengthened his reputation

In this version, there are no animals at all. All human beings, because of their survival instincts, lose their humanity and are ready to not only kill each other but also involve in cannibalism to live on. The image of Pi and his companion Richard Parker embody the child and the human part of the boy.

Once being able to get on the shore, Richard Parker immediately went into the forest. When recounting this, Pi still shed tears because the tiger did not look back to say goodbye to him.

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The CGI effect in this movie is so good that you can hardly tell if they are actually artificial. You will believe everything you see and you will completely forget it is a fantasy movie because you are so intrigued in the story when watching.

After 127 minutes of Life of Pi movie download, the ending is still controversial for many people. But like the author of the book, director Lee didn't explain much about the meaning of the ending, as well as the whole movie. As the initial idea of Life of Pi, let people believe what they want to believe.

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