"Kanchana 3" Review: Raghava Lawrence Adds Nothing New Into His Horror-Comedy Movie

Jyotis |Apr 30, 2019

"Kanchana 3" review: Raghava Lawrence added nothing new into his horror-comedy movie. It should be the end of "Kanchana" franchise.

The famous actor-director Raghava Lawrence has recently introduced to the audiences the fourth installment of the successful and famous Kanchana franchise. Kanchana firstly hit the screens with the 2007 horror comedy film titled Muni featuring Raghava Lawrence and Vedhika. After a very long time of producing, the film was finally on screens on 19 April 2019.

Reportedly, there has been nearly no revolution in the horror movie making style in many years. Raghava Lawrence, therefore, borrows some elements from all the old parts of Kanchana to create the fourth one, which is both absurd and unfunny.

Kanchana 3 review
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If you are a faithful fan of Kanchana, you will know what is going on in the fourth part. After being ferociously killed, Rosy and Kaali come back as ghosts and utilize Raghava to revenge their death.

With the settings of a haunted house, Kanchana 3 remains three glamorous but valueless heroines. The old tag team, Devadarshini, and Kovai Sarala take on the same roles as in Kanchana 1 and 2. However, their jokes become boring and extremely annoying because of silly comedy sequences.

Relying too much on the previous parts' elements, and no creative idea in the storyline, Kanchana 3 looks like suffering. Even the humorous elements, highlights of the first and second parts, made no impression.

Kanchana 3 review
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Previously, the first and second parts of Kanchana got impressive performances of Nithya Menen and Sarath Kumar. Also, they have the phenomenon, Sarath Kumar, who plays a transgender lived for revenge. With Kanchana 2, the character of Nithya Menen, a figure holding a variety of characteristics, drove the audiences' emotion effectively. Nonetheless, all those emotions were broken up in Kanchana 3 when being put in the flashback episode.

Everything should come to an end at Kanchana 3, a so-called annoying, loud, and little entertaining movie. However, the actor-director has recently announced another plan after finishing this part.


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