"Junglee" Movie Review: Vidyut Jammwal Steals Your Heart In This Spellbinding Action Movie

Bindhiya Nhi |Apr 01, 2019

Junglee starring Vidyut Jammwal is the first Hindi movie of director Chuck Russell, and he makes it better than what we have expected.


Director: Chuck Russell
Cast: Vidyut JammwalPooja Sawant, Asha Bhat
Rating: 3.5/5


Raj Nayar (Vidyut Jammwal) is a veterinary who lives in Mumbai city. He returns to his father's elephant sanctuary after ten years, finding himself involved in an incident with their beloved elephants. Poachers start to attack the elephants for ivory, and at this point, Raj's life changed forever. He used to prefer the bright lights of the city, but now he decides to stay and protect the elephants.

There are several unfortunate events happen later, and Raj gets to meet Meera (Asha Bhat), who is a journalist, and Shankara (Pooja Sawant), who is the sanctuary's mahout. They stand up together to punish the illegal elephant hunters, hoping that they can fulfil Raj's father lifelong dream.

Junglee is an action-adventurous movie which has a wildlife theme. It takes you to the peaceful and beautiful jungle in Thailand where you can forget your cellphones and chaos. It also focuses on animals conservation, raising awareness of the poaching crisis and ensure the long-term survival of elephants. Moreover, Junglee aims to stop people from buying ivory products as this can significantly change the fate of elephants.

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Chuck Russell is famous for his Hollywood blockbusters such as The Scorpion King, Eraser and The Mask. However, this is the first time that he has directed a Hindi movie and he does not let us down. Russell has a fascination for mythology, martial arts, and Hindu mantras, which are all brought to Junglee in an exotic way. It might be that he is a Westerner, but his work manages to embody the very essence of India.

Junglee is better with action parts rather than its emotional scenes. However, thanks to Russell's brilliant attempt at putting social issues in Junglee, the movie is outstanding. Also, with the help of cinematographer Mark Irwin, the American director can capture the elephants in their natural habitat. These wildlife scenes will leave the viewers in awe.

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The highlight of Junglee is Vidyut Jammwal's impressive performance. He is undoubtedly one of the best action heroes ever in the industry. When it comes to martial arts, Vidyut wins our hearts with his jaw-dropping moves. His action scenes are flawless, and he does not even need a body double!

Junglee also marks the debut of Pooja Sawant and Asha Bhat. Though the two actresses do not have many scenes, they are still confident and gorgeous. Their decent appearances ensure a bright and promising future for them in Bollywood.

If you are an animal lover who is into majestic elephants and peaceful jungles, this movie is a must-watch! Moreover, Vidyut Jammwal's spellbinding action scenes is also a real plus point. Honestly, Junglee is such a brave attempt of director Chuck Russell as the wildlife movies are rare in Hindi cinema.


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