Jallikattu Movie Download – Watch The Film Before It Becomes The Next Best Picture At Oscars 2021

Leela Adwani |Dec 22, 2020

The film is one of a few none-Hindi movies that got widespread critical acclaim across the world. DOWNLOAD FREE now!

2019 released Malayalam-language movie Jallikattu becomes the Indian entry to the 2021 Academy Awards. After the victory of the Korean drama Parasite last year, none-English films like Jallikattu totally have the right to dream of the prestigious Best Picture like what its Asian “relative” has done.

Ahead of the awards next year, the demand to watch the Jallikattu movie download version is increasing again.

Jallikattu Movie Download
Jallikattu movie download

Helmed by Lijo Jose Pellissery, the film features Atony Varghese in the lead role. Chemban Vinod Jose and Sabumon Abdusamad also play other important roles. The film is one of a few none-Hindi movies that got widespread critical acclaim across the world.

The Malayalam film was also screened at two high-profile international film festivals in Toronto, Canada, and Busan, South Korea. Now, the film adds another feather to its cap as it's selected for the award of Best International Feature Film at the Oscars. It will be competing with 27 more representatives from other thriving film industries.

Santhy Balachandran
Santhy Balachandran plays the role of Sophie

Not just this, Jallikattu becomes the third film speaking Malayalam language entering the Oscars.


Before knowing where to get the Jallikattu movie download version, take a look at its plot first. In a nutshell, the film revolves around the story of villagers and a buffalo. All the scenes are taken at a far-flung village of India where an extreme frenzy of violence happens due to that buffalo.

Jallikattu Movie Download 2
The film got a good response from the critics

A man named Kalan Varkey (played by Chemban Vinod Jose) is known to be a buffalo meat monopoly in the neighborhood. Almost all residents have to rely on his supply for fresh meat. Everything will go as planned until the animal starts escaping. It causes havoc in the village when the buffalo slaughter begins his work.

Antony Varghese
The performance of Antony Varghese makes everyone stunned

The local police are then called in and not only Kalan Varkey gets crazy. However, the whole village also gets sucked in catching this animal.

What happens next you should watch the Jallikattu movie download version. It will not disappoint you.


Becoming India’s entry to the Oscars somehow can guarantee its quality even before watching it. The film truly stunned everyone, both the audiences and the critics. Its unique narrative and the underlying message are what the makers can deliver through the story of villagers.

Santhy Balachandran As Sophie
Santhy Balachandran is a promising star in the industry

Rating 4 stars (out of 5) which is a rare score for a domestic film from Times Of India, reviewer Deepa Antony said that the film is less of a story that is normally seen in every film but more a situation and that makes Jallikattu stand out in the crowd. Actions speak louder than words can be seen in this film as with very few dialogues between the characters in the film, watching Jallikattu movie download we will know that it can leave the viewers a lot unsaid.

Jallikattu Movie Download 4
The film surely gives you on the edge of your seat

Meanwhile, on the popular review-aggregation site Rotten Tomatoes, the film even got 95% rating. A reviewer on this website talked about the film that it’s only 90 minutes which is much shorter than many other films but you won’t be able to look away for any second.

The film also got international reviews from several leading news portals. Jessica Kiang from Variety praised the narrative but pointed out the flaws in its plot also.

Jallikattu Movie Download 3
You won't want to miss any scene of the film

However, we think that the best way to enjoy the film is to watch it yourself. Despite the differences in the review of critics, your own opinion towards the film is the most valuable.

Where to download Jallikattu full movie?

The Jallikattu movie download version is already leaked online when it was released one year ago but it was quite low-key. The film was said to be way too underrated at the moment it hit the screens. It was overshadowed by a host of big-budget Bollywood movies. However, when Jallikattu officially became an Indian entry to next year’s Oscars, it draws everyone’s attention.

The film is now available for free download on several piracy websites. Without charging any bucks to watch the film at the cinema, many people opted for this way to watch their favorite movies to save time, save money. However, we always recommend you watch movies on legal platforms in order to avoid trouble in the future. In fact, members from administration boards of those sites have been arrested but they are still developing and leaking more copyrighted content illegally.

If you don’t mind, download the film Jallikattu now!

The victory of the South Korean movie Parasite this year makes us believe that way to achieve the Best Picture is not too far for Jallikattu.

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