I Still Believe Movie Download | The Changing And Healing Power Of Love In A Beautiful Musical Film

Bhavna Acharya |Apr 15, 2020

Here is some information you need to know about the film before getting I Still Believe movie download. Keep on reading!

After the release in March 2020, the Hollywood musical drama I still believe had to put it to a stop on its theatrical run due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, the movie has been made available on the Internet to please moviegoers around the world during the endless quarantine. Here is some information you need to know about the film before getting I Still Believe movie download. Keep on reading!  

I Still Beleive Movie Download
I Still Believe has been made available on the Internet due to the coronavirus outbreak in the US

Based on the real-life story of the Grammy-winner musician Jeremy Camp who went thicks and thins in his life. The singer suffered from huge loss as the love of his life Melissa Lynn Henning died just one year after they got married. The movie which is named after his most famous song ‘I Still Believe’ features New Zealander KJ Apa in the role of Camp while the country singer Shania Twain is seen in the role of his mother. Meanwhile, Gary Sinise plays the role of his father and Britt Robertson wins the audience’s heart for portraying his late wife Melissa.

According to the chairman of Lionsgate Motion Picture Group Joe Drake, although the theatrical run and box office collection is important, the filmmakers still want to make the film available to the audience, especially amid this unprecedented time. He is proud and grateful to share it with all moviegoers so they can enjoy it from their own household. 

I Still Beleive Movie Download 4
The movie conveys a meaningful message about the changing and healing power of love

In addition to that, the producer of the film Erwin brothers revealed that it was heartbroken for them not to see their film projecting on the big screen as it was meant to be. Indeed, they worked hard on the film for years and were tempted for the release date. However, the safety of people is the most crucial thing which should be prioritized. By making I Still Believe available online, they are conveying the beautiful message of faith and love and showing support to the whole nation during the novel pandemic. 

After making the digital release, the movie has been showered with praise and positive remarks from moviegoers not only in the US but also across the world. Take a look at how people talk about I Still Believe:

This movie has offered a trip to my young and beautiful 20s with authentic and candid emotions. I was in love with how the movie portrays Jeremy's love for Melissa. He puts her before him and give her the utmost and pure love. 

The movie not only tells the romantic love story of a couple but also their relationship with God. It is a wonderful reminder of how true hopes and true love can change one's life and even the whole world. If you have suffered from the same loss before, this movie will definitely make you cry!

I Still Beleive Movie Download 3
New Zealander in the role of the Grammy-winner musician Jeremy Camp

If' you're in love with movies like 'The Notebook' or 'The Fault In Our Star', this movie is just something you cannot miss. You can watch the movie on video streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon or Hotstar to support the filmmakers. Besides, you can also find the I Still Believe movie download version to watch it offline. 

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As a musical movie, I Still Believe took the spotlight with beautiful songs embracing meaningful messages. Check out the movie theme song I Still Believe:

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