Helicopter Eela Review: This Kajol Movie Could Never Be Successful

Laavanya Hien |Oct 16, 2018

Helicopter Eela is the latest soppy film that has just been on the big screen. Directed by Pradeep Sarkar, it is an Indian film in the Hindi language with the feature of Kajol as the main role.

Director: Pradeep Sarkar

Main role: Kajol, Neha Dhupia, and Riddhi Sen

Rating: 2/5

Helicopter Eela is the latest soppy film that has just been on the big screen. Directed by Pradeep Sarkar, it is an Indian film in the Hindi language with the feature of Kajol as the main role. The film’s ending has left a lot of emotions in audiences’ heart. But, to some extent, viewers considered that they feel confused whether or not this soppy movie could start to be successful. That’s why there exist tons of things to discuss Helicopter Eela.

Helicopter Eela Review: The Storyline

In the film, Kajol acts as Eela - an ambitious singer as well as a single mother. Despite her great love for the singing career, she decided to surrender her passion to bring up her son. Until now, her only son, Vivan has grown up and become a young mature. However, Vivan wishes to have his own life without much interference from his mother.

His mother is a woman who seems unaware of the differentiation between "smother" and "mother". It appears that her excessive attention and care are a nightmare to almost all of the teenagers. It is because she is a kind of parenting who doesn’t actually know what privacy is. And, she tends to devote her whole life revolving around her son. For all the things Eela has done, she is much like a “hoverer”. That’s why the film title is “Helicopter Eela”. Thing gets more serious when she made up her mind to register for the similar course at the college where his son takes up.

Helicopter Eela Review: Highlights

In the film’s most touching moment, the challenged and tearful Kajol approaches the piano. Helicopter Eela depicts Eela as an instrument and a musician as well. Hence, it is the place for her to release anger although her selections of the song are completely confounding. The films also give audiences a chance to enjoy the remix of Ruk Ruk Ruk as well as several great Hindi tracks. However, she now has integrated into a very ardent song which is almost in English.

At the beginning of Helicopter Eela, viewers see a girl. She has an admiration for Baba Sehgal. When seeing this opening scene, I really agree and support for such a heroine. In my mind, the person who tries to make herself as a passionate singer even when it’s only a minutiae question involving Kaun Banega Crorepati. She reveals that Amitabh Bachchan had taken her name three times. It seems that she relishes the concentration only if it will never obstruct how she unlocks the front door right before her son could turn the door handle. For sure, her senses, as well as her eyes, are ready for her son’s arrival. Humorously, Eela decides to pick up the job of the over-interested mother. It is because her son is everything to her.

Pradeep Sarkar has succeeded with this heroine. Kajol’s passion is contagious even her character is so chirrupy. In Helicopter Eela, she acts as a singer and gets round of applause from stars during the 90s. Not only Baba Sehgal, Ila Arun but also Mahesh Bhatt are surprised at the fact that she has the husband whose name is Arun. Someday, Arun, unfortunately, gets into superstitious practices in which he catches with paranoia. Then, she leaves his wife, Eela as well as the young children behind.

Helicopter Eela Review: Pleasant Scenes

It is not difficult to understand what causes Eela to be so protective. She loves kicking up a fuss over her only son and suffocates him. The thing that takes me back is this topic has been handled in Indian films, regarding how plenty of parents control strictly the lives of their children. There have been tons of things to say when being a helicopter mother or father is the center of great pride. However, Helicopter Eela is not good at conveying this subject. And, our task is to wait for a  more advanced film to concentrate on it.

One more outstanding point of the film lies in how Neha Dhupia acts like a drama teacher of the college. She’s willing to throw items at anyone who keeps annoying her. Probably, this teacher has a tendency to spend almost all of the time in order to get angry. Furthermore, she is much like a true goonda. Later, she even directs Dr. Strangelove to claim that she never want so much drama in this drama club.

Despite having unintentional details of humor, Helicopter Eela still regards it as a comedy. There is an interesting moment when Kajol approaches girls who study in the Mumbai college. Here, he asks these girls that whether or not they are living in Mumbai. After that, she visits a studio for recording her song. What’s more, the second half of the film contains comedy details which happen between the mother and her son. It is when they take part in classes at the college with together.

Helicopter Eela

Helicopter Eela Review: Star Performance

Possibly, the major part of the issue belongs to Kajol. She is too clever as well as self-aware with a view to pulling off such an oblivious character. Hence, that’s the reason why Kajol’s performance is not convincing enough. In other words, the role of Kajol in Helicopter is described as energetic and vigorous as possible. Plus, she is about to have an explosion of vivacious and dynamic energy. The film also conjures up her typical character. When she hasn’t known how to deal with such kind of character, she decides to ring up her performance. Especially, her crying scene in the film is quite impressive. It’s when she tries her best to stop herself from crying.

He co-actor in Helicopter Eela is Riddhi Sen. This actor has rewarded audiences with a relatively remarkable performance. It is to say; he acts well to fulfill his role as well as support the lead role. Sen also expresses his talent when he won one of the most worth-praising National Award thanks to his excellent performance in Nagarkirtan - a noticeable Bengali film. Thus, his acting in Helicopter Eela seems much easier for him to play so well.


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