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Bhavna Acharya |Apr 08, 2020

This article will not only give you the Gentleman movie download version but also some interesting facts about the film. Scroll down for details!

Hitting the theater in 2016, Gentleman was one of the biggest blockbusters of the Telugu cinema of the year which took the audience by storm at the time it was released.  As all of us are getting bored during the lockdown, it’s the right time to grab some entertaining films like Gentleman to watch. This article will not only give you the Gentleman movie download version but also some interesting facts about the film. Scroll down for details!

Nani Gentleman movie download: one of the best thrillers of Telugu cinema you cannot miss

The movie which was a mystery romantic thriller was helmed by director Mohan Krishna Indraganti. Apart from featuring the prominent Telugu and Tamil actor Nani in the lead role, the movie also stars Surbhi and Nivetha Thomas in supporting roles. It is the cast of this film that boosts the search for Gentleman Telugu movie download on the Internet.

Now, let's briefly go through its story plot before coming to Gentleman movie download link at the end of the article.

Gentleman revolves around two women Catherine and Aishwarya whose boyfriends are Gautham and Jayaram "Jai" Mullapudi, respectively. The interesting thing is Jayaram and Gautham lookalike. After the death of Gautham, Catherine started to spy on Jay and unfold some hidden truth about the connection between him and her boyfriend. While Nani took the double role of both Jay and Gautham, Surbhi was seen in the role of Catherine and Nivetha played Aishwarya.

Nani absolutely took the spotlight thanks to his stellar performance as both hero and villain

With Rs 150 core of production cost, Nani-starrer Gentleman made it double with a global gross of Rs 326 core. The movie was more than just a commercial success as it was also one of a few South Indian films which went big in the US. In addition to that, Gentleman also received positive feedback from both critics and the audience. Meanwhile, Nani was praised for his stellar performance of impressively portraying two different characters. Its huge success once again confirms the popularity of Gentleman movie download demand.

In fact, the movie was considered the ‘game-changer’ in Nani's career. It was also the highest grosser of him. According to critics, the movie was an experimental thriller that stood out from any other types of thrillers you have seen before. 

Nani and Surbhi in a still from Gentleman

Gentleman Telugu movie download received 4 over 5 stars from the audience. Here are some significant reviews from the audience for you to consider before getting Nani Gentleman movie download. In fact, all of them agreed that this is definitely one of the excellent thrillers which are full of plot twists.

"I love this movie to the core. Nani is my most favourite hero. I have seen all his movies and I fell this movie is the best of all. Overall, this movie's story is awasome and the director has left us in the confusion weather Nani is a hero or a villan throught the movie.

Super cool , existing, entertaining, good feel movie. Can be viewed along with children. The cast hero and heroine's actions are always appreciated and remembered at."

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When it comes to Gentleman songs, it also received praise for beautiful melodies and lyrics. It also contributed to the success of Gentleman The movie offers the audience an extraordinary experience with various styles and genres. Once again, let's grave into the bright melody of Gentleman theme song Chali Gaali Chuudduu which will make you watch the movie:

As the film is no longer on the theatrical run, you can only watch it on paid video streaming platforms or find the Gentleman movie download for free on the internet. However, please note that Gentleman Telugu movie download on non-paid websites is illegal and unrecommended. 

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