"Firebrand" Movie Review: Usha Jadhav Makes A Different With This Priyanka Chopra's Produced Feminist Movie

Bindhiya Nhi |Feb 21, 2019

Usha Jadhav once again proves that she deserves the National Award with this feminist movie produced by Priyanka Chopra.


Cast: Usha Jadhav, Sachin Khedekar, Girish Kulkarni, Rajeshwari Sachdev

Director: Aruna Raje

Rating: 3.5/5

Firebrand marks the first time for two things: First Netflix's Marathi movie and first web movie from Purple Pebbles Pictures by Priyanka Chopra. "Hard-hitting" is not even a proper adjective to describe this movie. It is too powerful, too persuasive yet it still has a sweet spirit which pulls on the heartstrings. Firebrand is also a long-awaited comeback from director Aruna Raje, and she does an outstanding job at telling an emotional story of a troubled lawyer trying to control her personal life.

If something is absorbing about Firebrand, it is Usha Jadhav's brilliant performance. By knowing how to express the main character's inner confusion without a mistake, Usha Jadhav proves that she deserves the National Award. Her role is Sunanda Raut, a lawyer who always put a great deal of effort into helping her clients - the wives who are physically abused or abandoned by their husbands. However, she could not even help herself from getting over the trauma in the past, when she was involved in a sexual assault. Even if Sunanda already married, the traumatic past still haunts her.


Firebrand is a study of two different women. They are different from each other, as the other woman beside the protagonist is much more emotional, stubborn and manic depressive. Rajeshwari Sachdev plays this role, and she does an excellent job of contributing to Usha Jadhav's performance.

The movie focuses on the subject of grievous wrongs and how they affect a woman's life. Surprisingly, the two husbands in the story seem to be innocent. They always try not to hurt their wives in their way. One of them even let his wife have the right to control and make decisions in their marriage life. His wife also forces the other one as she wants him to pay for his perceived injustices.

Firebrand Official Trailer

Usha Jadhav is undoubtedly outstanding, and Rajeshwari Sachdev's performance is nearly on the same level. While Usha perfectly conveys all the anguish and chaos of a woman's dramatic life, Rajeshwari is dazzlingly talented in portraiting such a complicated role. Altogether, the two actresses make a unique and explosive combination for Firebrand.

Moreover, Firebrand will not be a completed picture without the last two puzzle pieces from Girish Kulkarni and Sachin Khedekar. Due to the limited bandwidths, the two talented actors intentionally underplay their parts and bring a sense of solid conviction to the audiences. If it is not because of their thoughtful acts, Firebrand might lose some of its gravitas.

Firebrand will be on Netflix on February 22. It is not just another feminist movie; one should give it a try!


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