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Salena Harshini |Aug 27, 2020

To welcome the upcoming release of Christopher Nolan's "Tennet", Inception is returning to the cinema after 10 years. Download the blockbuster for free and watch it here!

Released in 2010, Inception bagged four Academy Awards and a lot more prestigious film accolades. Returning to the screen after a decade, the masterpiece of director Christopher Nolan still manages to stir up the movie followers with a question that leaves unanswered even after 10 years. For you to download Inception movie and see why it has such an immense effect, we have found you a shortcut. Check it out below!

"Inception" still slaps after 10 years of release

Inception is one of the mind-bending, heart-racing cult works of movie mastermind Christopher Nolan. It is being re-screened to prepare for the release of Tennet at international theaters on August 28.

The science fiction action movie tells the story of a man named Dominick Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) who accepts a challenging offer, an impossible mission called “Inception” - transplant one person's ideas into another's subconscious. If the mission succeeds, Saito, who proposed the deal, will achieve his goal of disrupting the rival energy group Maurice Fischer. Apart from that, Saito will dismiss the accusations of Cobb killing his wife so that Cobb can return to America to reunite with his family.

download-inception-movie 1
Leonardo DiCaprio as Dom Cobb in the Oscar-winning film

The movie Inception is Cobb's reckless journey with his teammates into a three-level dream, as well as a trip into his own aching subconscious - a place that holds the happiest and most painful memories about his deceased wife. Download Inception movie and you will see why it is such extraordinary.

It opens up a huge amount of ideas, not only about dreams, the relationship between the subconscious and the human consciousness, the connection between realities but also the nature of life, creation, human desires, and above all, love.

download-inception-movie 2
The flick has a lot of mind-bending scenes

The film has many layers of connective meaning, and they are piled up, like the movie scenes which dream levels constantly being interlocked. Therefore, it is not simple to follow the development and the content of the film if you turn away even for a second. Well, we guarantee that after you download Inception movie and watch it, you will not be able to keep your eyes off the screen though.

The last question that many viewers have not yet answered correctly is that the image of the spinning top at the end of Inception full movie. Since the spinning top is not stopping, no one can know for sure whether Cobb has escaped his dream, or he chooses to stay in the subconscious world where he can reunite with his family, with his wife he deeply loves.

The brain-hacking ending was further upgraded when director Christopher Nolan, after being repeatedly "tortured", gave an equally brain hacking answer,

"The way the end of that film worked, Leonardo DiCaprio’s character Cobb — he was off with his kids, he was in his own subjective reality."

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Download Inception movie right below!

What is subjective reality? It is how each person views something. If you want to believe something, then no matter how unreasonable the truth is, the subconscious will convince you to believe it. And gradually, the absurdity will turn into reality.

Download Inception movie for free to enjoy the film right now. You can also find the download Inception movie in Hindi if you want.

Although Inception is a science fiction film, it does not mean it cannot show the relatable sides in everyday life. The film explores psychological aspects (family relationships, past traumas) that influence people's behavioral tendencies in the future. And yet, the deepest desires of human beings to love, create, and develop are also revealed in this charismatic movie. In addition, the influence of powerful, rich, and famous people on the world scene is also subtly mentioned.

The cast of the film is also what makes it worthwhile to download Inception movie. Leonardo DiCaprio pulls off a wonderful performance like what he usually does. He successfully brings about the image of a confident genius and a grieving man who lost the love of his life at the same time. Meanwhile, Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ellen Page also make a perfect cast for this film.

Inception is an easy-to-watch flick but it is not easy to completely fathom and feel what the movie brings about. Hence, one time of watching it may not be enough. Even when you watch Inception full movie at different ages, you will notice more new things from this film.

Indeed, you have to possess this great and brilliant mind like Christopher Nolan to create this masterpiece.

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download-inception-movie 4
The characters have to sleep and get into dreams to do their mission

Inception is one of the must-see classic cinematic works. This premiere of Inception will also reveal expensive behind-the-scenes images of the upcoming blockbuster Tennet – which is a special gift by the producer for moviegoers.

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