"Dev" Movie Review: Karthi, Rakul Preet Starrer Cannot Save The Movie From Being Dreary

Priyansh Ha |Feb 19, 2019

Even when promotion calls up the sense of some promising adventures, the movie itself however, is under expectation.


Director: Rajath Ravishankar
Cast: Karthi, Ramya Krishnan, Rakul Preet Singh, Prakash Raj
Rating: 2/5

As production of a newcomer, director Rajath Ravishankar, Dev is the movie whose promotion calls up the sense of something adventurous. The movie itself, however, is under expectation. All of the good intentions or sweet life lessons included is only a cog in the wheel. The film turns out not to be an adventure or an adorable story of love at all.


Karthi's Dev Is Far From The Reality

Karthi features in the movie as Dev, an adventurer who has his own rules. Without anything to be afraid of, Dev enjoys all the thrills in life. In the journey of exploring the world, he falls in love with Meghna, a girl who has a different world view and does not believe in men. How will two of them find each other in between?

Unlike other explorers who have to struggle in life, Dev comes from a well-off family so he can easily travel to many places in the world and do anything he wants. He never experiences pains or financial issue of real life self-discovery.

When Ambition Falls Into The Mediocrity

When Dev realises life is something more than just about meeting new friends and travelling the world. At that time, he makes his mind to climb the Everest. But why? It’s quite confusing as there is nothing related. Apart from being an entertainer, the film doesn’t convey any message. It’s an example of an ambitious movie with good intentions falls into its mediocrity.


In spite of having Ramya Krishnan and Prakash Raj, there are only a few spaces for them to perform. Meanwhile, Rakul Preet’s role as an entrepreneur is pointless. No comments on Karthi’s performance as he has nailed the role with confidence.

Despite the bright visual and exquisitely shot, Dev is still a dark and boring film with full of confusions and is far from reality.


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