Chaman Bahaar Full Movie Download: A Humble Version Of Kabir Singh?

Salena Harshini |Jan 08, 2021

Chaman Bahaar full movie download FREE will give you a look into a simple yet beautiful love story that takes place in a small village.

Chaman Bahaar is a drama movie released in 2020, directed by filmmaker Apurva Dhar Badgaiyann. Starring Jitendra Kumar, Bhuvan Arora, Ritika Badiani, the movie that surrounds a heartfelt love story has collected positive reactions from the audience. Watch the film with Chaman Bahaar full movie download!

Chaman Bahaar full movie download
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Chaman Bahaar movie plot

Before we get to Chaman Bahaar full movie download, let’s see what the film is about.

Billu (Jitendra Kumar) is a bloke who goes against his family tide to open a paan shop of his own. In fact, the shop is a way for Bilu to express that he opposes to taking on his father’s forest department job. However, his business gets unbearable slow. Bilu turns out to swat flies more than making an actual profit.

Luckily, some sparks seem to come into existence when a government employee moves to the vacant home opposite the shop along with his family. Billu instantly gets attracted by that family’s young daughter, Rinku (Rikita Badliani). Her beauty, especially her smooth and straight hair, makes her the center of his gaze.

Chaman Bahaar full movie download Badiani Ritika
Ritika Badiani looks unrecognizable compared to her part in the film

Soon, he realizes his shop is getting more popular and sought-after as every young man in Lormi town is interested in her. With more and more males go to his shop frequently for a stopover, Bilu’s business is now brisk. A carom club gets set up too.

However, when he falls in love with her, he is torn between keeping his business up and diverting the crowd from the shop. Things get more tangled when the local police steaps in to set everything straight.

Chaman Bahaar review

The movie sets itself in a humble community in India. Chaman Bahaar also gets its theme right, from the setting, the characters, to their way of talking all meet up to draw out a genuine feel.

Chaman Bahar begins as a peculiar, hilarious watch. However, it before long offers route to an awkward track of brazen male privilege. Some characters know nothing about Rinku, and yet are prepared for gore in her name. And afterward, there is Billu whose fixation on his love interest has no limits.

Chaman Bahaar full movie download 1
Chaman Bahaar movie download may be something you would not want to miss

Even when this movie does not commend male poisonous conduct, it actually allows them to cut and run with it.

Thus, any individual who has a smidgen of regard for the other gender (and great cinema) will somehow feel cringey.

Nevertheless, there are a few contacts that tick. It is when Billu's romantic tale takes off albeit just in his psyche. Since Rinku has never talked to him, he proceeds to get himself a makeover. He even attempts to redirect the looks of the others, particularly the principal competitors for her consideration. His rivals also include the rich kid in town Ashu (Ashwani Kumar) and the local government official named Shiladitya Tiwari (Alam Khan).

Chaman Bahaar full movie download 2
Despite some setbacks in the plot, the movie is still worth watching

There are additionally the two companions that connect the story in Chaman Bahaar full movie download. The town tricksters in this blend - Chottu (Dherendra Kumar Tiwari) and Somu (Bhuvan Arora) who are always making disarray and inconvenience. In one telling scene, Billu nursing a wounded personality pursues off on his cycle behind Rinku's bike.

However, she hurries off, excessively quick for him to try and find her. Furthermore, at last, there is some recovery looked for eventually. In any case, the story is lopsided and the film's speed loses steam mid-way making it a slow watch after a point.

Actor performances

While the cast across board pulls off a decent exhibition, Jitendra Kumar is certainly the high best point of Chaman Bahaar full movie download. He nails each state of mind and that subtlety of his character superbly mixed into the small town milieu without a blip. This is his another immaculate demonstration after Panchayat.

Chaman Bahaar full movie download 3
Jitendra Kumar's performance rules the movie

Jitendra is to Chaman Bahaar what an illusion is to a desert.

The actor puts a particularly motivated and ardent presentation. He seems like the solitary wellspring of significance in this film, which is generally loaded up with nothingness.

Where to get Chaman Bahaar full movie download

Chaman Bahaar movie download has been a sought after piece among movie lovers. Also, the Hindi-language flick may be commented as a modest version of Kabir Singh, it is still worth a shot.

Download Chaman Bahaar and you will be able to see a simple and beautiful story that will linger in your mind for a while. Get Chaman Bahaar full movie download for free now!

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