"Boomerang" Review: Atharvaa To Star In A Mess Of Complicated Issues And Commercial Ingredients

Priyansh Ha |Mar 10, 2019

Atharvaa's film premise is a lot similar to Viajy's Kaththi. But Boomerang's director R Kannan's fails to write a screenplay that is even half engaging as AR Murugadoss's masala film.


Director: R Kannan
Stars: Atharvaa Murali, Megha Akash, Indhuja
Rating: 2/5

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The film shows footage of Sathish facing Siva saying "Siva Moonjila Shakthi," a word-pun on the favourite movie named Siva Manasula Shakthi. This might be the brightest scene of this R Kannan’s generic thriller.

After a fire accident, Siva's face was completely burned, and he had to go under a facial transplant surgeon. This is how Boomerang begins. Coming along with the new handsome face is the deceased donor’s enemies. Siva has to identify his unknown donor and how to save himself from trouble.

After having a good looking appearance, Siva easily gets into a relationship with his dreaming girlfriend who previously turned him down. In facts, Megha Akash's character has done nothing much with the movie.

In the role of an angry man, Atharvaa has done his job well. His bulging eyes are powerful for expressing his frustrations. Atharvaa, however, can only do much work in those boring films.

Watch the movie trailer here:

It Is Ambitious But Failed To Dispense The Message

With a basic storyline, Boomerang has no surprising moments even when it is a thriller movie. Meanwhile, the climax is rather dry. It tries to embrace many issues at the same time and mix, actually mess them up with commercial ingredients.  

In K-Town, the word 'corporate' now has a new meaning as ‘evil’. The 'corporate villain' is portrayed as English-speaking North Indian who is metrosexual and suit-clad. They will be around somewhere in remote villages, seeking for a piece of land. In addition to that, it’s completely boring and redundant to see those actors struggling to make a simple sentence in Tamil.

It’s so superficial that we can stop questioning if they’re exploiting the controversial topic just to make money.

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