“Bhoot-Part One: The Haunted Ship” Review: Scares & Chills Get Repetitive

Mohnish Singh |Feb 21, 2020

“Bhoot-Part One: The Haunted Ship” stars Vicky Kaushal and Bhumi Pednekar in important role. Dharma Productions’ head honcho Karan Johar has produced the film.

Bhoot-Part One: The Haunted Ship is, as the title aptly suggests, a horror film set on an abandoned ship, but this is unlike all the horror films that Bollywood has churned out over the years. It is different. What makes it different is something we will discuss later. But debutant filmmaker Bhanu Pratap Singh deserves applause for coming up with a horror flick that will not be forgotten so easily. Here is what STARBIZ reviewer has to say about the movie.

Vicky Kaushal
Vicky Kaushal stars in his first horror flick

Story: Sea Bird, a colossal ship hounded by monotony, washes ashore at the Juhu beach in Mumbai with no one onboard. Things get awry when a couple, who tries to play hide and seek on the deserted ship, disappears in broad daylight. Shipping officer Prithvi (Vicky Kaushal), who is grieving over the death of his wife and daughter, is assigned the task of finding the truth of Sea Bird. Will he be able to unearth the mysteries of the decrepit ship? Will he manage to come out alive? To know this and much more, watch the film in the theatre closest to you.

Vicky Kaushal
Vicky Kaushal plays a shipping officer in the film

Critical Analysis: You walk into the theatre to watch Bhoot-Part One: The Haunted Ship with a lot of expectations, but the film does not meet all of them. Does that make Bhoot-Part One: The Haunted Ship a horror flick you should stay away from? Well, the answer is NO. The movie has enough masala to keep you hooked to the giant screen before you.

It is true that writer-director Bhanu Pratap Singh uses all the tricks in the book to scare the audience but does not succeed. Instead, he succeeds in creating an eerie atmosphere which works extremely well for the film. In spite of conspicuous weak story and, sometimes, unintentionally funny scary moments, the movie is high on eerie atmospherics which, at times, make for its hackneyed plot and screenplay.

Coming to performances, Vicky Kaushal as grief-stricken shipping officer does his job well. However, you expect a far nuanced performance from him, especially after watching him do wonders in successful films like Raazi (2018), Sanju (2018) and Uri: The Surgical Strike (2019). In emotionally-charged scenes, he lacks deft and that is disappointing. The supporting cast lends its complete support.

The cinematography of the film is good and so is the editing. The background score plays an extremely important role in a horror film and, thankfully, Bhoot-Part One: The Haunted Ship does not disappoint in that department. We hope Bhanu Pratap Singh had worked a little hard on the basic premise of the movie.

Final Verdict: Bhoot-Part One: The Haunted Ship is a well-made movie which keeps you engaged despite being repetitive and, at times, trite. Deft direction and brilliant performances from the entire cast make for its unimaginative screenplay. I am going with 3 stars.

Movie Credits

Banner: Dharma Productions
Director: Bhanu Pratap Singh
Cast: Vicky Kaushal, Bhumi Pednekar, Ashutosh Rana, Meher Vij
Runtime: 117 Minutes
STARBIZ Rating: 3 Stars

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