6 Films About Best-Friends-Turn-Lover That Will Brighten Your Day

Harshini |Sep 29, 2019

It is nothing strange to fall for the one who knows you even better than you do yourself. These 6 films tell the stories of best friends who fall in love with each other and they will sure brighten your day.

It is the utmost dream to be in love with your best friend. Tell us you never look at your best friend and think about it even for a bit, it’s surely a lie. Somehow, it is nothing strange to fall for the one who may understand you even better than you do yourself.

Below here, we have made a list of the most iconic best friend turns lovers stories on screen.

Rosie and Alex - Love, Rosie (2014)

Love Rosie

Adapted from the famous and top-selling novel Where Rainbows EndLove Rosie film tells the journey of childhood besties Alex and Rosie, portrayed by Sam Claflin and Lily Collins respectively. The two friends have been side by side ever since they were in the kindergarten and despite the fact that they “no” everything of one another, they never got together as lovers.

Love Rosie 1

While getting involved with other relationships as well as undergoing big changes in their lives, Rosie and Alex then both realized they are meant to be. After all, it’s better late than never, isn’t it?

Aditi and Jai - Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na (2008)

Aditi And Jaijaane Tu Ya Jaane Na

The film centers around the best of friends Jai and Aditi. It is clear as daylight to everyone in college that they are made for each other, but the two main characters think they are nothing but friends. Aditi and Jai gradually finish their college and find partners for themselves, just to realize that the two prefer being with one another more than anybody else.

Aditi And Jaijaane Tu Ya Jaane Na 1

The grand proposal at the airport is surely an unforgettable scene. The main characters were played by Imran Khan and Genelia D’souza.

Harry and Sally - When Harry Met Sally... (1989)

Harry And Sally

Got on floors in the early 90s, the classic romantic comedy brought the story of best friends being smitten about each other to the silver screens. The movie begins with Harry asserting that there is no pure fellowship between women and men as ‘the sex part gets in the way’.

Harry And Sally1

He encounters Sally post their college graduation. Although their first meeting did not go very well, they kept on coming across the other through the years. They then began hanging out. The popular diner scene, the phone calls at late night and the way they make each other laugh hysterically show testament that they are born to be best friends and to be enamored in the end.

Rahul and Anjali - Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (1998)

Rahul And Anjalikuch Kuch Hota Hai1998

If you were born in the 90s, you would have probably grown up having this film as an idea for love. Shah Rukh Khan’s role Rahul and Kajol’s Anjali are friends in college and they are joined at the hip. When Anjali realizes her feelings for her best friend, he has already been head over heels for Tina, daughter of college principal and also a freshman.

Rahul And Anjalikuch Kuch Hota Hai1998 1

The friends then go separate paths and they only get together when the daughter of Rahul, whose name is also Anjali, reads the letter her late mother gave her and opts to bring Rahul and his best girl together.

Rhea and Karan - Hum Tum (2004)

Rhea And Karanhum Tum 1

The 2004 film is a must-watch for anyone who hated their BFF on the first encounter. Saif Ali Khan’s Karan and Rani Mukherji’s Rhea first met on a flight and kept bumping into one another for a couple of years prior to turning best friends. He always got on her nerves and whenever they are in the same place, something wrong must happen.

Rhea And Karanhum Tum

Time passed by and Rhea got hitched with someone else while Karan turned into a successful person. One day, Karan met Rhea in Paris and figured out that her husband passed away due to an accident. They then spent time with each other more and eventually fell in love.

Matt and Jenna - 13 Going on 30 (2004)

13 Going On 30

This is also a 2004 romantic film. It is about a teenager who was unsatisfied with her life and wanted to be “thirty and flirty and thriving”. Jenna (played by Jennifer Garner) made the wish on her birthday and in a way, it came true.


The story focuses on how Jenna tried to relink with her best friend since childhood Matt (played by Mark Ruffalo). Meanwhile, she also dealt with the wrongs she had made growing up and adulthood. It took Jenna only some time travel and fairy dust to come to senses that Matt was the one for her.

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