"365 DNI" Movie Download | Steamy Erotic Movie That Dethrones "Fifty Shades Of Grey"

Salena Harshini |Jun 12, 2020

The Polish erotic movie is another portrayal of a kinky relationship, only that it is much better than "50 Shades of Grey".

365 Dni (365 Days) is a film adaptation from the novel of the same name by Polish author Blanka Lipinska. The movie was introduced to the world on the streaming giant Netflix recently and is trending in many countries. The erotic movie is grabbing attention for its steamy scenes between the main characters. If you can’t watch it on Netflix, don’t worry because we have found the 365 Dni movie download link right here for you.

365 Dni full movie has been on trend since its release

The film focuses on the “love game” of Massino (Michele Morrone), a mafia boss in Sicily and Laura (Anna Maria Sieklucka), a beautiful and successful sales director.

After his father was shot by the enemy right in front of his eyes, Massimo takes up the illegal trafficking system with flabbergasting assets. Plus, he has an extremely masculine and handsome look, which makes him the real “sugar daddy” in many girls’ eyes. They even commented that he is hotter than Mr. Grey in “Fifty Shades of Grey," making 365 DNI movie download a popular search online after the movie goes live on Netflix.

The film is shot in Sicily, Italy

Meanwhile, many men, Laura is the true muse. Despite being a gorgeous and successful woman, she still has trouble with her love life.

The 365-day love challenge

Laura along with her boyfriend and friends decide to travel to the land of Sicily, Italy for a trip. Without a warning, Laura and Massimo meet by chance a lot of times. Little does Laura know that Massimo had laid eyes on her ever since the first time he saw her 5 years ago.

She could not imagine that she would be kidnapped and kept captive in a lavish villa of a strange man. 365 days is the time she has to stay there and Massimo will make her fall in love with him. If she has no feelings for him after the period of one year, she will be set free.

You will be able to watch many steamy scenes in this erotic movie

Unable to escape, Laura has to adapt to the forceful life and she would have to receive the price if attempting to escape.

In the situation when her boyfriend doesn’t even know where she is, plus her strong personality, would Laura open herself and get rid of the gap between her and the mafia boss?

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A lot of steamy scenes that make the audience blush

The viewers can already predict what happens in the film upon watching the trailer of 365 Dni movie download. Thanks to the chemistry between the two main characters, you will be treated with a whole lot of steamy scenes between the duo. With the unarguable steamy parts between the two, it is understandable why 365 Dni full movie download is so on-trend at the moment.

Besides the boat scene, this is also a part that would make your nose bleed

If you find the scenes in Fifty Shades of Grey movies hot and provocative, download 365 Dni full movie and you will be surprised as it is deemed to be even more graphic and steamy than its predecessor. In 365 Dni movie download, you would see a lot of BDSM, voyeurism, and kinky bed (even boat) scenes.

As the minutes pass by, the audience is eager to see the cat and mouse game between Laura and Massimo as it just gets more and more intense. On another hand, in spite of getting praised for the chemistry between the actors and the steamy scenes, the film is said to be not very engaging and not leaving a strong impression. Also, the climax scene failed to bring about a complete feeling to the watchers.

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Is their relationship a toxic one? The only way is to watch and find out

As 365 Dni movie download has been a hot keyword recently, a lot of related terms are on-trend like 365 Dni full movie download mp4, 365 Dni movie download free, 365 Dni movie free download mp4,... Well, say no more because you now can enjoy the hot film right here:

365 Dni Full Movie Free Download In HD 720p 1080p [English Subtitles]

The details in the last part take place fast but it helps open a possible future for its part two. In the novel, Laura is kidnapped by a mafia gang from the enemy side and Massimo has to rescue her from them. Apparently, there has not been any confirmation for part two but 365 Dni has managed to make an impact in its home country Poland.

In spite of the imperfect development in the way the characters are built, the movie on the whole still makes it a worth watching film. Just look at those steamy scenes!

With attractive actors, bold scenes, and ear-catching soundtracks, 365 Dni is a great choice for those who are a fan of movies of the romantic, adult genre.

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