24 Tamil Movie Download And Must-Know Facts About 24 Tamil Movie

Rose Advani |Jan 11, 2020

24 Tamil films came out as one of the most successful Tamil movies. You can get the link of the 24 Tamil movie download here!

24 Tamil movie is a movie on time-travel concept of Vikram Kumar with the lead role Suriya in a triple role, along with Nithya Menen as the female lead. The movie was released on 6 May 2016 and won two awards at the 64th National Film Awards – Best Cinematography and Best Production Design. 24 Tamil movie download for free is available on Tamilrockers, the leading torrent site for free movies download but it was already blocked. We will show you the unblocked link to download surya 24 Tamil movies later in this post.

24 is one of best Tamil movies in 2016

The movie had a basic plot around a twin brother, one is trying to create a time travel machine. And all the story began around his creation. 24 Tamil movie is a fabulous film with enjoyable scenes, visual effects, artwork, and 24 movie songs that are worth the time you spend on. All those factors contribute to the popularity of the film itself as well as the search for 24 Tamil movie download.

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Suriya or Surya plays as a triple role, ‘Mani’, ‘Athreeya’ and ‘Mithran’, created the success of the film. The character is impressive, firstly plays a bad guy, then a smart kind-hearted guy, and finally be an evil well but it is the ‘Mani’ character. With the multi-characteristics in his role, Suriya proved his talented acting skill in this film and the role was regarded as a bold strong in his acting career.

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The favorite cast in 24 Tamil full movie download

24 Tamil movie is a different movie in India cinematic that blowing a new wind for Sci-fi categories. The success of the movie inspired other filmmakers to produce a series film focusing on this category. And there are some movies on this sci-fin genre as Endhiran or Netru Intru Naalai.

The 24 movie was released for a long time but the film was rated as one of the most inspirational films concerning the sci-fi category and one of the most must-watch Tamil movies.

Suriya plays as a triple role, ‘Mani’, ‘Athreeya’ and ‘Mithran’

Okay, no more waiting. We have done with the overview as well as some interesting facts around Surya 24 Tamil movie download in 2016, now it's time for you to enjoy it.

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Though you can watch 24 Tamil movie download easily online, we still recommend you watch it on paid platforms so we can contribute to the movie production team. Their efforts are worth it.

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