2.0 Movie Review (Spoiler-free): Good Effects and tedious plot accumulated to a blast of a good time.

AnhDP |Dec 02, 2018

Rajinikanth played a “starter-than-smartphone” character, but that cannot be applied to the movie. However, to make up for the horrendous plot is the crispy 3D effects and Atmos sound.

The city is under attack by an ornithologist turns villain, making everyone’s cellphones into their greatest thread, and in dark moment, there is only 1 person (or robot) that can save us all from doomsday, that is Chitti 2.0. The plot, on the surface, sounds promising and potentially a big screen smasher, and in reality, it somewhat delivers on one that end. The problems only reveal themselves once we dig deeper into the story and its hypothetical metaphors that some might assume which is the stand-off between Rajini and Ambani.


Respect should be given where respect is due, and director Shankar definitely brought a different and very much unconventional idea and how he unveils the story to the audience. In an alternate world where artificial intelligence is an undismissable part of the society, an ornithologist is angry at the world for harming the avian species by building phone towers and cellular signal. His solution: magically levitate and gather every cell phone in existence out of their owners’ hands and assemble it into…a fire-breathing bird. You can take a moment to read that again if needed, because the movie is indeed, overly over-the-top. Common-sense and general knowledge are out of the window when it comes to the 2.0 movie.


The aim of the movie is not to create a realistic, scientifically-correct, practical-applicable movie. It is a science-fiction that puts viewers’ enjoyment up first and everything else second. And going to this movie with this mindset will guarantee you a blast of a good time. 2.0 is the first Indian movie that shot from beginning till the end in 3D and visual effects, and it earned its applause. Every element or visual particle on screen is digitally rendered to the finest (except some occasional opacity imperfections) to deliver the most amount of “out of this world” action scenes to the audience. Director Shankar’s excitement and eagerness to push forward with the direction of this movie can be seen from every second of the film, and the result is our enjoyment at the end of the movie.


Although the plot is not the main focus going into the movie, at the end of the day, we still have to address the elephant in the room, 2.0 has one of, if not the most linear and basic plot out every action movies in India. Everything on-screen is self-explanatory, from the look of the characters which tells us who evil or good or even powerful he is, to a ridiculous and to a certain extent is “insulting” to the audience’s ability to process the movie by showing a health bar of the villain. The only good thing about the movie’s plot is that occasionally, the characters get to say some witty one-liners that mock our decisions of using cell phones which is the moral message of the movie.

All-in-all, the movie is not great, even in the slightest. But a good film doesn’t translate into a good time, and although it fails to deliver the former, 2.0 definitely delivers on the second end. Ready to have your jaws dropped by an absurd amount of CGI and 3D rendered graphics, with the cherry on top that is the real mind-blowing Atmos sound. Climax upon climax, the movie never seemed to have reached a high point but rather always find a way to go above-and-beyond. The movie is a trademark of what director Shankar is ready to bring to the big screen, and either it’s a wow moment or good laughter, you will find it in the movie.

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