What Are Zodiac Signs With The Weakest Immunity & Solutions?

Ankita Chetana |Apr 02, 2020

These are 5 above 12 zodiac signs who own the weakest immune system and some advice to keep them healthy in the time of coronavirus outbreak worldwide.

The pandemic of coronavirus has reached out to 203 countries over the world and over 900,000 people tested positive for the virus. While it is known that the infection comes from person to person but do you know that people who have weaker immunity will get a higher risk of infection? These are 5 zodiac signs with a possibility to be infected and some advice attached to lower the danger.

1. Taurus

It's hard but it's true that Taurus tops the list that no one wants to be included in. This zodiac sign's features are stamina and persistence and sometimes they are known for a perfect body. On the other hand, they don't really care about diet and physical exercise to improve their health. What is more serious is that Venus has changed its position on the planet, which leads you to more susceptible to illness.

Taurus should consume more vitamin C

Advice for Taurus: Keep your body hydrated and add vitamin C in fresh fruits such as lemon, orange, berries or guavas.

2. Scorpio

Unluckily, a seem-to-be-healthy sun sign like Scorpio stands at the second rank of this list. They are easy to catch flu or cold so astrology wants to warn them to improve their well-being and apply precautionary methods.

Scorpio should drink enough lukewarm water

Advice for Scorpio: Drink lukewarm water with at least 1.5 liters per day and have a well-balanced meal. After returning home from outside, shower immediately and wash the clothes.

3. Gemini

Due to Gemini's planetary position changes, this sign owns a low immune system. Rahu is now transitioning into this sign's house, causing some unwanted risks that need Geminis to take much care of their health.

Meditation will help Gemini have a better immune system

Advice for Gemini: Switch your diet to a meal rich in Vitamin C with some veggies and fruits. The quarantine period is also a time for you to meditate and escape from the round of busy thoughts. Health is the best thing than anything else.

4. Sagittarius

Sagittarius is acquainted with going out and adventures, staying at home is not easy for them. But instead, they should do something to improve their weak immunity.

You should say "No" to packaged products

Advice for Sagittarius: Practice some Zumba dance moves and keep the racing thinking. Stop eating tinned and packaged food like a bowl of instant noodles at the late night.

5. Pisces

The zodiac signs' toxic emotions affect a lot their immune system. Pisces' worries during the coronavirus outbreak wreak intensely on their immunity.

Talking to your family or friends instead of sticking to coronavirus media

Advice for Pisces: Contact your beloved ones through video calls and make healthy food for yourself.


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