Your Zodiac Signs Will Tell You The Most Suitable Bridal Nail Art For Your Honeymoon

Shanaya Rishaan |Oct 26, 2019

As in Indian weddings, brides are in traditional look so they cannot fully express their personalities. So, on their honeymoon, bridal nail art designs, based on the traits of their zodiac signs, are what they could take to show their characteristics.

People usually express their personalities through what they wear, so do our brides. However, in Indian weddings, brides are in a traditional appearance, so it’s hard for them to dress in a way that resonates with their characteristics. Yet, bridal nail art designs can help them out as according to their zodiac signs, there are beautiful nails designs that are in tune with their personalities.

Here are the bridal nail art suggestions that might fit their characteristics, based on the common traits of their zodiac signs.


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Owning confidence and being ambitious, Aries women will go for an extremely competitive style and want to be the most outstanding one in a crowd. If you want to make bridal nail art that emphasizes your strong personality as well as surprises everyone, a rainbow design or the one with vibrant rout will be the best option.


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Taurus prefers comfortable and chic fashion styles, so their favorite outfit is probably the combination of baggy, t-shirts and sneakers. When coming to bridal nail art, they may not want to wear sparkly nails, so the design of light nail paint with some printed flowers can suit their personality perfectly.


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Women with the zodiac sign of Gemini are professionals and busy with their schedule for 365 days. However, they do know how to have a fun party, so the bridal nail art that expresses the style of fun but still subtle is the one they might be in love with. The design of geometric art with 3 or 4 colors may be perfect for them to enjoy their honeymoon and working right after that.


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A waves brush design is the most perfect bridal nail art for Cancer because their emotions are complicated featuring one of the water signs. They may not love the simple style, so to meet their requirements for a perfect honeymoon look, chrome nails with glitter will be the best option for them.


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Leo loves being the center of attention, so every time they walk into the room, everyone can’t help looking at them. They want to be OTT, so they will go all out with their unique bridal nail art, which no one can try.


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Though Virgo people are logical, they are somehow stubborn and want to try everything at least one time in their life. Moreover, they love bright colors which they probably go for their bridal nail art, and foil art is what they should try to make it more impressive.


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Women of Libra are fun, flirty, and chatty, but she knows the importance of keeping everything in balance. Thus, the bridal nail art that is able to express her personality is the studded one with nude and pastel shades.


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A Scorpio is mysterious and she loves dressing in clothes with dark color, which they will go for their bridal nail art. They can choose the color of dark burgundy or wine for their nails to express their broody personality.


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Women in Sagittarius sign are those who are frank and love parties, and she moreover focuses on what she really wants without noticing what people comment on them. So, the nails with nude colors and golden chrome will be appropriate with them because this design is quite unique, compared to the other arts.


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Capricorn women usually impress people with their unique characteristic combination, ambitiousness and daring, which also explains why she loves to have distinct styles that people usually make comments on. Thus, if they want a perfect nail art for their honeymoon, they should consider going for long nails with crystal work. Moreover, the base color should be the subtle or bright one to make a balanced look.


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Those who were born with the sign of Aquarius will be into the boho chic style as they love the beauty of nature so much. That’s why the bridal nail art that fits their interests is the one with leaf design and silver glitter which expresses her love for the green of nature but still being stylish.


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As people in Pisces usually are daydreamers, the colors that suit them are soft hues such as white and nude. When it comes to the bridal nail art design, the combination of blush pink and white brush will be the most favorable of them. Moreover, there is one thing they need to notice: do not use too long fake nails.


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