Horoscope Prediction: What Libra Season Has In Store For Your Zodiac Sign This Year

Bindhiya Nhi |Oct 08, 2019

From September 23 to October 23, Libra season brings its own vibe to the zodiac. Find out what it has in store for your sign this season.

As Libra season kicks off from September 23 to October 23, balance will befall the zodiac. In this season, your zodiac sign will experience more harmony and genuine sentiments. Moreover, you are likely to fill your world with more beauty and connection.

Due to the vibe of Libra, your life might change unexpectedly. Find out what Libra season has in store for your zodiac sign so that you can get done with whatever you have to work.


Zodiac 9

Libra has a reputation for being indecisive. Thus, when Libra season enters your world, you find it challenging to come up with decisions. You obsessively weigh the pros and cons of just about everything. People will have to be more patient with you.


Zodiac 2

As Libra loves to socialize, you are going to enjoy the pleasures of life with your loved ones. Your besties or family members are going to invite you out for a coffee or dinner. You are going to have a lot of fun this season.


Zodiac 3

Unfortunately, your sign is prone to deep feelings of self-pity and self-loathing during this period. When you get less than perfect results from your efforts, you quickly beat yourself up over it. This Libra season merely takes you on a roller-coaster of emotions.


Zodiac 10

You used to drown yourself in negative thoughts. However, Libra season make you remain upbeat even during difficult times. You are hopeful, optimistic, and forgiving - for both yourself and others. This happy-go-lucky attitude will offer you many great opportunities.


Zodiac 4

In this Libra season, you are likely not to forgive and forget. If someone let you down, you are going to hold a grudge that you cannot let go. You will not give them a second chance easily because you think it is not worth it.


Zodiac 12

While others speed up in life, you slow yourself down this season. You are going to face every challenge with patience and persistence. Thus, the word "panic" does not exist in your vocabulary. Even if you encounter any frustrations, you will not rush and cram things together.


Zodiac 8

Libra season brings out your sign's grace, charm, and beauty. You want to make sure that everything is at its finest by focusing more on the superficial side. Before hanging out, you spend time improving your appearance so that you can impress everyone.


Zodiac 1

Even when things go wrong during this season, you are going to stay calm and collected. You do not ignore everything; you merely feel that you do not have to react to it. Though your laid-back attitude might annoy someone, it still brings you a relaxing time for which you have been looking.


Zodiac 7

Once Libra season rolls around, your number one interest is going to be yourself. You want to pamper yourself as much as possible by going shopping or having great treats. You do not even care if you have to end up in credit card debt.


Zodiac 5

You become a genuinely selfless person during Libra season. You find no difficulty in putting everyone’s needs ahead of your own. You can even drop everything to help someone if you do not get any thanks or reward for it. Be careful because someone might take advantage of your kindness.


Zodiac 11

Good news, you are going to proud of yourself in this season. You take responsibility for your action and focus on the big picture to achieve your goals. Even when things fall apart, you are not going to blame anyone. People will think of you as a shining example of maturity.


Zodiac 6

When Libra season knocks on your door, your curiosity is taken to the next level. There will be a burning desire to know, see, and collect everything. It seems that no matter what happens, you still look for the answers to all of your questions.


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