Top 8 Winter Street Style Trends You Must Try In 2019

Rose Advani |Dec 02, 2019

For dressing like a Queen on the street, you must update the top 8 hottest winter street style trends here. Getting fashionable in outer coats, dresses, to boots, headbands.

To be a fashionista on every go out this Winter, you must update the hottest trends of winter street styles 2019. From the big clothing item as outerwear, dresses to the accessories like a headband, footwear, you can diversify your wardrobe for these winter clothing items.

Furry (Fuzzy) Outerwear

Outerwear will be the first-mentioned clothing item in Winter. This year, it’s time for Fuzzy outerwear to rock on. A furry coat never too late to hop on this trend, which keeps you warm as well as give you a million bucks feeling. Fuzzy coats usually come in vibrant colors like pink and cobalt.

winter street style trends
Furry (Fuzzy) Outerwear

Sandy Liang’s fleeces

This Winter, Sandy Liang’s fleeces will be hunted items from any fashionistas. Fleeces are so various, in mixed prints, color-block designs, or classic zip-ups. The piece becomes a trend by the super comfortable and warm, which can keep you warms when the temperature drops to 50-degrees.

winter street style trends
Sandy Liang's Fleeces

Two-Tone Dresses

Here is a bold impression you must take a buy for your wardrobe. The two-tone wool dresses, not just keep you warm, also make you stylish when taking off the coat or some days with light-cold weather. Notably, you should choose the colors that suit with you to avoid the pale look for a wrong mix.

Two Tone Dresses
Two Tone Dresses

Winter Suits

Suits inevitably create an excellent look in Winter and cover you a chic look when walking down the street.

Winter Street style trends
Look like a boss with a set of winter suit

Following this style, you need a complete closet with pantsuits to go along with. Let’s try it for a boss look in this assemble.

Bite-Size Bags

Mini bags or bite-site bags are turning out as the hottest trend in 2019 that no female celebrities have no one. In the Bollywood industry, Priyanka Chopra was seen with lots of top mini bags that completed her look o9n every event.

Bite-size bags seems to be the cutiest trend
Bite-size bags seems to be the cutiest trend

Besides giving you a hand in keeping your necessary items as phone, wallet, bite-size bags accessorized your looks on every step and giving a bold for this assemble.

Leather Separates

A leather jacket seems to popular clothing item that everyone has at least one in the wardrobe. Why don’t you try to wear another leather types as a cute leather corset or pants to get something new with the leather material. You can pair with a beige sweater or T-shirts to make your style turning as a star.

winter street style trends
Leather Separates

Combat and Hiker Boots

Among numbers of options in footwear, this Winter a pair of hiker boots will rock your street style. There is no longer the popularity of spare flats or heels are over whereas this utilitarian boot pairing with various types of clothing items as trousers, dresses, and jeans to the best.

winter street style trends
Get a strong look with Combat and Hiker Boots


Instead of talking about some accessories like the necklace, earrings, or watch, this Winter we must mention to headbands, which giving the wearer a royal look. You can get some recommendations of headbands from Prada and Jennifer Behr.

Headbands Lede
Accessorizing your look with an awesome headband

With these hottest winter street style trends, you will get a fashionable look on each step on the street. The article gives you a tip to pick up from the inside dress, outer coat, to boots, and finished the look with a headband. There is something interesting here for you to take a try for a great winter style which are warm and so fashionable.

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