Tips To Manage Emotional Eating When You're Stuck At Home

Ankita Chetana |Apr 11, 2020

Staying in for a long time can make you stressed, leading to overeating. Here are some tips to manage the eating disorder during the lockdown.

Not only the lockdown period but also the ongoing coronavirus outbreak over the world keep many people in pressure and overthinking. After that, several of them opt for eating too much called emotional eating. How to prevent it?

Stress makes you overeat even when hunger hasn't come yet

The crisis of COVID-19 is still ahead in a certain time that we might get more frustrated. Anxiety and stress make many people lose their concentration on work that they need to eat something. Several times of this habit will lead to disorder of emotional eating. Even when people aren't hungry, they still want to consume a huge amount of food to throw their pressure away. This habit leads to weight gaining and some severe health problems as well.

So, understand your concern in the time of lockdown, we are listing some tips to get you back to normal.

1- Have you thought of the reasons causing your emotional eating? If you know well the root of the issue, you can easily adjust your worry or boredom. Also, notice what you feel when eating and then solve the problem first.

Delicous Food Attract You
You will be easily attracted by delicious food

2- Delicious food is also the main cause of your eating disorder as when you see it, you want to have some even if you're full. Try to keep distance from it.

3- Add several vegetables and fruits to your diet that makes you feel full. You can try bananas, papaya, apples, broccoli, mushrooms, tomatoes, and so on.

Add Fruit
Several fruits and veggies help you feel full quickly

4- Maintain your calorie intake regularly and don't cut any nutritious part from your daily meals.

5- Say 'No' to processed and packaged food which contains a high content of sugar.

6- Keep your body hydrated as always to maintain your energy and positivity.

Keep Your Body Hydrated
Complement water to keep your body hydrated

7- For those who are working from home, practice some kinds of workouts. It will help you stay strong and active. You won't feel the stress anymore.

8- Adapt to other useful habits such as learning something new, doing yoga, cleaning your house when you get fed up.

9- Stay away from the TV when having a meal as watching something makes you unaware of how much you have eaten.

Focus On Finishing Your Meal
Don't watch anything when eating

10- No alcohol as it does harm to your health and increases your appetite.

11- Meditate every morning to free your stress and keep your mood calm.

The combat against the coronavirus pandemic is still long that needs you to be healthy and strong-minded. Let's change your habit to overcome emotional eating as soon as possible.


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