9 Effective Methods To Control And Lessen Your Anxiety In Workplace

Sahana Nhi |Sep 18, 2019

Stop allowing your job to harm to your health and life! Learn and practice these nine tips to treat yourself better during working.

Everyone has their troubles in the workplace, for example, tough customers, essential projects, or even mean bosses. All of them are genuine anxiety and stress triggers and also the main reasons for the lack of concentration and poor performance at work.


Stop allowing your job to harm to your health and life! It’s time to treat yourself better and recover your soul. Learn and practice these nine tips to control your anxiety during working. It’s entirely worthy, according to the experts.

1. Let your brain rest with quick breaks


Working without taking rest will damage your mind a lot! Don’t worry about whether your boss allows you to do it or not. A quick break can be a moment when you take a deep breath, stand up, or go to the toilet.

Who will blame their employee just because of breathing or going to the toilet, right? But if you are free to take quick breaks during working, take time to go outside. It will bring better effects for you.

2. Ask for help when you are overwhelming


We are encouraged to work in teams, guys! Why don’t we find some support from our co-workers while you are overwhelmed or stressful? Don’t try to do everything; it makes no sense. Working in teams will bring even as twice as productivity and also reduce half of stress and anxiety. You can kill two birds with one stone, try it!

3. Consider your daily amount of coffee


Needless to say, a cup of coffee in the morning is genuinely everybody’s savior. However, the third or fourth cup will cause problems with our bodies and minds. Instead of using coffee to keep you in mood during working, try caffeine-free tea, mint or berries. They bring the same effects but don’t cause any problem for health.

4. Keep snacks within your reach


Some research shows that low blood sugar will cause the symptoms just like anxiety. Therefore, fill your desk drawer with a small number of nutrient-rich snacks to help you recover when you feel sad or anxious.

5. Regularly check your feelings during working


Remember to check your feelings every few hours, even a minor adjustment. When you don’t feel well, try going outside and taking a deep breath.  You can also softly sing while making a cup of tea to refresh your mind.

6. Take a deep breath before every presentation or meeting


A deep breath doesn’t only work in those situations but also at any time that causes anxiety. It helps to deliver more oxygen to our brain and helps us feel better. Our concentration and memory will also be stronger and better after we breathe deeply.

7. Go walking if you feel anxious


You can go walking alone or ask your co-worker to go with you. This action is beneficial to release anxiety. Try chatting with them during walking with your co-workers. You might find your best friend in your workplace in that way.

8. Decorate your working desk in style


Decorate your working desk and your working place with things make you happy. It will help you to increase your productivity. Remember, good ideas always appear when you feel relaxed, cozy, and calm. Also avoid making your desk dirty, messy, or full of paper. Consider to fill in your desk space with photos of your family and pets.

9. Don’t bring your work to home


Works should stay at working places. You can check your email or co-worker’s messages after coming home. However, don’t let your job stuck in your head when you are with your spouse or watch TV shows. Allow yourself to have fun and refresh your brain after a long and tiring day.


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