Skeletons Of World Last White Giraffe Mother And Calf Left By Poachers In Kenya Reservation

Hanima Anand |Mar 11, 2020

The world conservationists are shocked when receiving the news. The last female white giraffe and its calf had been killed in Kenya, leaving only one living entity. The question is how this male remaining giraffe can produce itself.

The only female white giraffe in Kenya as well as in the world has been killed with its calf in the hand of poachers yesterday. These armed criminals are believed to hunt after the endangered species which can be found nowhere else in other countries.

World Last Female White Giraffe
The last pair of white giraffe mother and calf, first spotted in 2017

According to conservationists from Ishaqbini Hirola Community Conservancy, the bodies of two white giraffes were found “in a skeletal state” after being slaughtered by cruel poachers in Garissa in Eastern Kenya.

Last White Giraffe
A close look at the white giraffe

News were reported on African Animals page yesterday, March 10, 2020.

With the death of the last white giraffe mom, the world now has only one remaining white giraffe alive, which was born by the very last killed female.

White Giraffe Left
The only remaining white giraffe is male.

The white giraffe started to gain huge attention in 2017 when they were spotted in the reservation area for the first time. The giraffe mom once again stirred the mass media when it gave birth to two calves in August last year.

White Giraffe And Its Calf
The mother and its calf were spotted several times on camera. (Photo: Fuzz Dyer)

Reports show that their rare colour is not a result of albinism but caused by a special condition of leucism. They can produce dark pigment in soft tissue and have dark eyes though their entire body is covered in white colour.

The death of these white giraffe was a shock to all environmentalists in the world and a major loss for nature researchers.

This also raises an alarm about the impacts of media on the conservation of rare species. Should the endangered wildlife be not revealed to the public, many animals may live peacefully in their old way till now instead of being targets for hunting races from poachers.

White Giraffe
Since when killing animals for fun is the pastime of many people?

Kenya is home to many rare animals among which those with albinism are frequently searched for by illegal hunters. What we worry is not just the last white giraffe entity but also many more endangered species would suffer the same fate.

White Moose
Not just white giraffe, other species with albinism are in danger too.

White Tiger In Kenya
Look at his eyes, you can infer his stories behind!

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