8 Best Brow Brushes To Transform Your Eyebrows, Advice From A-List Celebrity Makeup Artist

Priyansh Ha |Mar 07, 2019

Raise your hands if all your life you’ve been searching for the perfect eyebrows in your whole life.

Eyebrows shape your face. Raise your hands if all your life you’ve been searching for the perfect eyebrows, something subtle but defined, full but not bushy, thick but with dimension.


The great brush makes excellent eyebrows. That’s why we’re here to find out the ultimate tool for different types of eyebrows. With some advice from celebrity makeup artist Fiona Stiles, your dream eyebrows are one step ahead.

For Full Brows

If you’re looking for editorial dense but not too heavy eyebrows, a bigger brow brush will make everything super easy. This is Fiona’s ultimate weapon when it comes to full brow. She prefers a soft, large and wide brow brush so the powder will be deposited softly.


Anastasia Beverly Hills Brush #20

The square-tip brush is ideal for forming clean and defined edges. The spoolie end will help you blend your brow hair for an effortlessly natural look.


Eyebrow Brush - Bobbi Brown

The spiral side with synthetic fibres will quickly tame and comb your brow hair in a blink of an eye.

For Structured Brows

Just like Zendaya or Kendall Jenner’s eyebrows, it’s all about accuracy. Fiona suggests a stiffer, narrower and smaller brush for a more defined edge. Fortunately, you can easily find a suitable one as it is the most common type of brow brush.


Angled Brow Brush & Spoolie  - Benefit Cosmetics

No matter what material you use, from powders to gels, creams or waxes, this brush is just perfect.


270 Angled Eyebrow Brush - Makeup Forever

It works for both eyeliner and powders to draw cat eyeliner flawlessly.


High Standards Eyebrow Brush - Pretty Vulgar

This brush works best with eyebrow gels to define and contour brows. The spooler is ready to get it shaper.

For Filled-In Brows

If you were trying to get rid of your sparse brows, a thin eyeliner brush and a liquid liner would be your saviours. Fiona top choice for this type of eyebrow is a tiny eyeliner brush.


Liner Brush - Anastasia Beverly Hills

This star liner will fill up every spare area completely to bring you a natural look.


Brow & Liner Duo Brush - Blinc

Excellent for drawing flawless creases. This item from Blinc is the perfect match of brow Mousse.


Etch & Sketch Double Ended Bamboo Liner Brush - Tarte

Thanks to the ergonomically angled tip, the shape of your brows will be contoured amazingly.


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