The Craziest Eyeliner Ever Of Taylor Swift You Will Never Imagine

Priyansh Ha |Mar 24, 2019

Do you really use that pen for your eyeliners, Taylor?

Taylor Swift has opened up about so many interesting facts of herself in the first magazine interview of the year. Apart from discussing her childhood and anxieties, the Reputation singer also talked about her skincare and makeup routine, in which a shocking fact about makeup was revealed.


Starting the interview for Elle, the most famous singer on the planet told her stories of soul-baring childhood. She also talked about being bullied after the Kim/Kanye feud and carrying army-grade supplies.

When it comes to makeup and skincare mistakes, Taylor Swift admitted that she used to sleep in her makeup, which is a definite “don’t”. As she’s getting older, the single has been treating her skin better. She never forgets applying to moisturise every night and body lotion after taking a shower. It is not only for the winter but all the season cause she wants to be soft all year round.

When A Sharpie Becomes An Eyeliner

And here is what you really want to know! Taylor has revealed a shocking fact as she “occasionally using a Sharpie as eyeliner.” It’s unbelievable! A photo of her with Sharpie eyeliners is definitely the thing we’re dying to see.

Do you really use that pen for your eyeliners, Taylor?

Even when the singer added a warning “do not do it”, I haven’t got any ideal why and how she can use it again and again.

Of course, this bizarre makeup trick isn’t a good idea for anyone. As your eyelids are super sensitive, Sharpies can cause it irritated or even allergic. A legitimate drugstore liner is cheap and good enough for fiercest T-Swift cat eyes.    


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