Rock This Season With Tartan Print - Fashion Trend Never Goes Out Of Style

Nagini Shree |Mar 14, 2019

Rock these tartans – with the right styling, you’ll feel every inch the girl boss that you are.

If you are a fan of the fashion world, you will be familiar with the fact that hundreds of designs and patterns keep on changing in the blink of an eye. In fact, fashion trends are changing rapidly every season, when a new trend emerges, others become old-fashion. However, there is one fashion trend that never goes out of style - tartan.

During the eighteenth century, there was a vast Scottish rebellion against the English monarchy, and tartan became the uniform of this revolutionary army. Tartan can be called plaid in the US.

Some purist of fashion could argue that tartan and plaid aren’t the same, and in a way they’re right, but they have the same origins. If you are passionate about tartan print, don't miss some magical tips below for creating the ultimate power look with tartan print.

1. Skirt with plaid print

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Kate Middleton falls in love with the tartan print.  Source:

A pencil skirt with a cool plaid print in the summer season not only helps you prevent you from direct sunlight but also keep your look chic and stylish. To compliment your outfit, gold stackable bracelets and thick cuffs are a good choice.

2. Pair of tartan pants

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Mixing your pants with a graphic-printed shirt, well-fitted shirt or a basic black blazer can add a cool factor to your ensemble. You can accessorise your look with the long-layered chain in silver. It’s the perfect outfit to wear when you are feeling lazy but still want to look like a million dollars.

3. Tartan-printed dress

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You can team the tartan-printed dress with a pair of boots or heels, long geometric shaped dangler with turtle shell print or in gold and silver to raise the style quotient.


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