Summer Is Coming! Let Experts Tell You How To Wear White Like A Pro

Bindhiya Nhi |Mar 25, 2019

Who says you cannot steal the limelight with white? Try following these tips from the stylists and fashion designers to wear white like a pro this summer.

You might prefer black colour to white because it provides you with a slimmer look. However, it does not mean that white always makes you look chubby. If you follow these tips from the experts, you can go colourless with style like a pro in this summer!

Break your monotone look with colours

We all know that an all-white look might be too dull. However, stylist Rishi Raj is here to share three tips which will brighten your white outfit!

1. If you choose a white dress, mix it up with another colour. A pair of white trousers also looks great when you layer it with a monochromatic blazer.

2. If you are a little chubby, the colour-blocking is a definite no-no as it makes your appearance look short. On the other hand, if you have a slim body, you can try fun and crazy colour items to catch people's attention.

3. Pieces with deep hues and jewel tones always look fine on most South Asian people.

If you have a slim body, you can try to layer your white dress with fun colours to catch people's attention - Source: Hindustan Times.

Spice up your evening party with white

Who says white cannot help you steal the limelight at an evening party? Fashion designer Amy Billimoria shows you how to rock the night with these tips below:

1. Try adding summer patterns such as limes, peaches or ferns on your white dress.

2. A white gown with pastel floral prints also works for the night party.

3. For accessories, you can wear a satin bandana on your head and walk around in cork heels.

A white gown with beautiful floral prints could make you be the queen of the night - Source: Hindustan Times.

White skirt? Nailed it!

Girls usually find it hard to resist those beautiful white skirts. Here are five ways to dress white skirt gorgeously from stylist Sanjana Batra:

1. Mix your white skirt with a tank top or a crop top. You can layer your top with a leather or a denim jacket.

2. A ton-sur-ton look never gets old! You can wear a white top matching with your white skirt.

3. An oversized knit or a long top is cool when you tuck it out of your dress and secure it with a belt. Do not forget your boots to complete the smooth look!

4. When it comes to a flowy skirt, it is best when you mix it with a contrast-colour turtle-neck top.

5. It is summer! You can try those cute and fun printed shirts with hearts and stars on them.

Tuck your knit top out of your white skirt and you are ready for a summer date! Source: Hindustan Times.

Do Not Forget A Statement Piece

When you want to play with white, remember to follow these three tips from fashion designer Jenjum Gadi to get the best result:

1.  Do not stay in a safe zone. Have fun with white colour but make sure that you balance everything well. A statement item is a must-have, whether it is your top, your bottom or one of your accessories.

2. Focus on your silhouette also. For example, if you wear something loose for the top, then make sure that your bottom wear is close-fitting at the same time.

3. Do not forget to add embroidery or print in one of your items. It helps you create a head-turning look. However, it is about quality, not quantity. Avoid dressing like a costume; just one statement piece is enough.

Add embroidery or print on in one of your items to create a head-turning look - Source: Hindustan Times.

Be White, Be Confident

White is also a dominant colour for you to dress at work. Below are three ways to wear it like a pro at your office from fashion designer Nida Mahmood:

1. White is not dull when you use it right. Try white at work as it can always bring out powerful vibes.

2. To create another bold look, try a silk jacket-cut with cigarette pants.

3. It is not that complicated! Even a plain white shirt can cast a spell on your colleagues when you mix it with well-tailored pants.

White can be a dominant colour for work wear when you mix it right. Source: Hindustan Times.

Summer is coming so you should not wait any longer. Let's wear white and shine in your way!


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