Improve Your Love Life With 7 Relationship Resolutions

Priyansh Ha |Jul 20, 2019

It's time to refresh your relationship with some simple yet effective pieces of advice, check them out!

You don't have to wait till next year to refresh your relationship with new resolutions. In fact, your love life can be boosted anytime and here are some simple pieces of advice which surprisingly take your relationship to a different level.

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1. Stop Thinking 'There Are No Good Ones Left For Me"

Even when you believe or not, your thoughts which are repeated will come true one day. That’s why you need to replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Here is what you need to talk to yourself: ‘My ideal partner is out there. I will meet them at the right time.’

2. Try To Adopt Your Partner’s Love Language

As most of the conflicts between couples arise from miscommunication, try to adopt your partner’s love language and how they express their feelings and affection. That’s the simplest way to narrow the emotional distance between the two of you.

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3. Be Proactive About Dating

Is it true that you will find you when you stop looking for it? In fact, you don't deserve the best things if you do not invest in it. The more dates you have, the higher chance of finding the most suitable one. Never give up on seeking for your own luck.

4. Allow Your Attraction To Grow

If you think only ‘love at first sight’ that works, here’s the truth: instance romance does exist. However, it is just an exception, not the norm. If you find someone interesting and attractive, let that chemistry a chance to grow.

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5. Stop Comparing Your Relationship To Those On Social Media

Don’t judge a book by its cover! Social media is a fantasy world where couples seem to have the best relationship you’ve ever seen. However, no one knows exactly what happens behind that closed door. In fact, they also have to struggle with fights, misunderstandings and overbearing in-laws just like you!

6. End A Relationship With Kindness

Ghosting your partner has never been a clever way to end up your relationship. Instead of leaving them confused and frustrated for years, be honest as it only hurts them for a while.

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7. Never Say  ‘Always’ And ‘Never’ In A Fight

Stop adding fuel to the fire by saying phrases like ‘you’re always late’ or ‘you never listen’ in a fight as you will get the same criticisms. That’s how the argument goes worst! Try to avoid exaggerations if you want to find the common ground and get your fight resolved.


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