How To Dress Like Ranveer Singh To Make Your Leg Days Count

Rena Quynh |Apr 07, 2019

Make your leg days count with Ranveer Singh's stunning red-carpet outfit at GQ Style & Culture Awards 2019.

Ranveer Singh showed up at GQ Style & Culture Awards 2019, and he never lets us down about his impressive appearance with exotic but awesome outfits. We would love to see him at the events partially because we always guess what he is going to mix and match.

This time, Ranveer went for the ensemble from Julien Macdonald’s couture collection. The Gully Boy actor took us back in time to the age of rockstar in the 80s through his awesome outfits including a zip-embellished jacket with shoulder pads and slicked-back hair at the finish.

In the meanwhile, other male celebrities would refer to a safer option. For instance, Rajkummar Rao wore lavish two-piece sets and Jim Sarbh with an oversized breezy suit.

Ranveer Singh Style 1

Ranveer Singh, however, looks drop-dead gorgeous with a body-fitted set to elevate his one of a kind look. He made a brilliant choice when choosing these outfits for the night, it’s not only comfy, but it also affirms his absolutist position for Most Stylish Man winner. One shot, two kills.

Ranveer Singh And Lilly Singh 784x441

If you find wearing a formal suit quite stuff or you are not a fan of loose-fitting, baggy pants, well, don’t hesitate to give Ranveer Singh’s original style at a red carpet event a try. With all saying, you will never find yourself in an awkward situation caused by an exotic look thanks to Ranveer Singh approval during his time at GQ Style & Culture Awards. People love it, don’t they?

On top of that, although always picking outrageous pieces of clothes for red carpet events, the feasibility of the clothes is his concern at all times. Walking, running, dancing, or jumping is not a big deal with this fit.


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