All Need And Importance Of Human Rights Every Indian Must Acknowledge

Rose Advani |Feb 15, 2020

You should equip yourself with the need and importance of human rights to not missing your rights during working, studying and living in society.

Fortunately, people tend to put more interest and awareness of human rights in recent decades. In 1948, The United Nations released the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) on 10 December, 1948. It has turned to the most important document about the standard of basic equality and dignity for human. The article will note the need and importance of human rights that you must update now.


What are human rights?

Human rights are internationally recognized ethical and normal norms that defining the fundamental liberties for men, women, and children in the globe.

Human rights are equal to all people in all parts of the world, regarding their nationality, religion and beliefs, and sex. Human rights are different from citizen rights. Human rights are for all people over the world while civil rights are for citizens in a particular country following the political society.

Human rights are built up to make humankind more compassionate and fair

These rights are built up to make humankind more understanding, compassionate and fair, to protect all people from their birth. Sadly, many of the human rights are being disregarded these days. And wars, aggression, segregation, and sexism still occur.

What is the importance of human rights?

Here are five important human rights that ensuring you a better society for a lifetime.

  • Human rights ensure people have basic needs met

Human rights will ensure anyone's basic needs in life, from medicine, food, and water, clothes, to accommodation. And everyone has a basic level of dignity. Sadly, there are millions of people in the world have not enough these necessities.

Many regions have not enough necessities

  • Human rights protect vulnerable groups from abuse

Human Rights protect vulnerable groups away from abuse. This group in the society were targeted along with the Jewish population as disabilities and LGBT. Many organizations are built up to protects the right of these groups to avoid abuse from power.

  • Human rights allow people to stand up to societal corruption

Regarding corruption, human rights also contain the concept which allows other people to speak out if they get abuse or corruption. This right gives anyone the dignity from society though they work for the government or simply work environment if they don’t get it, just raise their voice.

Not a single day goes by without people's fight for human rights.

People can speak out to protect their human rights as well as express the angry for any violation. Following the latest news, there were lots of demonstrations top fight against Donald Trump policy that was considered violating the human rights for immigrants.

  • Human rights encourage freedom of speech and expression

Also, human rights encourage people free to speak without fear. For some ideas and expressions that not all people agree with, but the government will protect them who want to debate and argue with certain ideas in society.

  • Human rights give people the freedom to practice their religion (or not practice any)

Concerning religion, Human rights prevent religious violence and indicate the importance of religion and spiritual beliefs. And freedom also is a human right regarding religion.

Regardless of your religion and sex, you are entitled to human rights like every other.

  • Human rights allow people to love who they choose

Human rights also state that anyone gets free in choosing the person he loves and the person he gets married. In some countries, the right is violated when LGBT are oppressed and abused and many women are forced yo tie a knot with the person who they don’t want.

  • Human rights encourage equal work opportunities

Work opportunities are equal for all people are mentioned in human rights. According to the concept of human rights, there is a guide that all workers must be treated equally though wherever they are.

Human rights ensures equal work opportunities

  • Human rights give people access to education

Education plays a vital in our life that upgrading the quality of society. Human rights show that everyone should take opportunities to join education programs. And most os school must have enough necessities to meet the need of studying.

  • Human rights protect the environment

People now get clearer about the bad influences of climate change on our life. We can not imagine the bad effect of this change. The wildfire in Australia is a sad example as well as an alert for humans. Human rights have a concept of protecting the environment; in which, there is a right to clean air, clean water, and clean soil.

Loving the environment means loving yourself!

Need and importance of human rights education in India

As stated in Article 1 of the UDHR,

"All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood."

Whether Indian follows this right or not, there is a long Indian tradition of standing up for the weak to fight against the strong or abuse. Having said that, Indians need to raise awareness of human rights through suitable educational approach.

  • The need for Human rights education in India

The importance of human rights education hardly requires any overemphasis. It has a crucial role in preventing human rights violations from occurring.

Human Rights Education

Indians should acknowledge the importance of human rights education that’s played a crucial role in preventing violence at school.

The United Nations informed that human rights education is


Here are efforts to strengthen respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms that enable all persons to participate in the education program in a free society.


Human rights education in India is so necessary for the promotion and achievement of stable and harmonious relations among the communities. Specifically, learning human rights is a way to make some fundamental changes about to eliminate poverty, prejudices, ignorance, and discrimination.

However, the truth is there is no human rights education at school and university in India. Indian textbooks barely mention human rights which are sometimes finding out in history textbooks. Almost universities in India do not offer human rights education in the program, just having a postgraduate with 3 months or a year on human rights.

  • How does knowledge about human rights help us?

If we acknowledge the importance of the understanding of human rights, you will keep an active role in four main aspects of our lives.

Human Rights make the World safety

Personal life: Getting the information about human rights, you easily control your personal space and freely give choices. The right protects you from unexpected pressure in our lives and keeps you peaceful feeling.

Social life: You confidentially speak out your opinion to the public regarding political issues. The right allows you to express your thought about social or political issues.

Work: You will be protected from exploitation or different types of violence at your work-space. It also refers to the right of labor under safe conditions. None of the employers can violate your workspace as well as es your benefits at work when you acknowledge what you are ensured during the working time.

Life quality: Human rights will help you raise your voice to get the necessities in life that you are deserved because you were born as access to education, healthcare, and culture.

Acknowledging the need and importance of human rights plays a crucial role in our lives. These rights will help us understand which right we are deserved in four main aspects of life as personal life, social life, working environment, and life quality.

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