Massive Ozone Hole In Arctic Opens Up While People Celebrate The Healing Above Antarctic

Hanima Anand |Apr 09, 2020

Just as we are relieved when hearing about the healing of ozone layer above Antarctic region, scientists found that a massive hole is expanding over the Arctic. Read on!

Due to significant changes in the world climate, Arctic ozone layer has to suffer from a rapid depletion though the one in Antarctic is seeing signs to heal more quickly.

Yes, just a few weeks before, we celebrate as the ozone hole above Antarctic is healing faster when humans stay home to practice social distancing. However, troubles are still lingering there when the ozone hole in Arctic is expanding its size at an alarming rate. But why does it happen?

Arctic Environment
Colder weather in Arctic probably leads to the faster depletion.

Past research reports it is the cooler temperature in the north pole atmosphere that results in this depletion, causing a massive hole above the Arctic.

“Scientists using data from the Copernicus Sentinel-5P satellite have noticed a strong reduction of ozone concentrations over the Arctic. Unusual atmospheric conditions, including freezing temperatures in the stratosphere, have led ozone levels to plummet—causing a 'mini-hole' in the ozone layer.”

Ozone Layer Arctic Feb
The ozone concentration above Arctic in February.

However, it is no longer a mini-hole now but a much larger one.

Ozone Layer Arctic Mar
The hole started expanding quickly in March.

Scientists from German Aerospace Center commented this phenomenon as “unusually strong depletion of ozone” while they continue to monitor the Arctic ozone layer for more data.

Ozone Layer Arctic Apr
As recorded in April, the ozone concentration is reduced significantly.

If the problem is not addressed timely, there will be serious damages on all living forms on Earth who need the ozone layer to protect them from ultraviolet radiation.

Given the current lockdown in many countries, the Earth atmosphere has been improved as well as the air pollution is obviously reduced. However, will this contribute to balance the climate or nothing can be done to stop the climate change and this ozone depletion?

Arctic Wildlife
Artic wildlife has been badly affected due to the climate change. will update more information in our Love&Life sections.


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