6 Fast Ways To Make Money Online Amid Pandemic

Bhavna Acharya |Apr 21, 2020

If you have no idea how to make money online during the lockdown, this article will show you have people are earning extra income with just a computer!

The internet has significantly changed the way we live and see things, including our perspectives on how people normally make money. Thanks to advanced technology, making a living online has become increasingly popular in the last decades. While there are millions of people have been earning money through the net, online income remains a myth for some.

Make Money Online India Easy 2
5 Fastest and easiest ways to make money online in India amid coronavirus lockdown

In most cases, online revenue strategies don’t require complexity, things tend to start simply. Your success mainly depends on your willingness to devote your time and your energy to your ideas’ implementation. It also takes time for your online business to grow, so be patient!

Since the majority of us are staying at home due to the coronavirus lockdown, why don’t you take a closer look at how to make money online. In case you have developed an interest in making money online but don’t know where to start, take hints from this article.

Make Money Online India Easy 2 Freelance Designer
Graphic designing is one of the hottest jobs which can help you earn some extra money easily

1. Freelance designer

Whether designing is your full-time job or simply is just one of your hobbies, you can always make a side income from it. There are multiple online marketplaces for graphic design. Utilizing those platforms, users can put their designed materials such as logos, illustrations, forms and graphic templates on sale.

These art e-commerce sites not only help you with a larger exposure to clients but also provide you with the possibility of sustain long-term profit. All you need to do is creating your own shop for publishing your artwork and wait for people to purchase. 

You can find a variety of opportunities for graphic designers on websites like Upwork, CreativeMarket, Fiverr or DevianArt.

Make Money Online India Easy Podcast
Making a podcast is a new internet trend, a great combination, and blog and audio

2. Start a podcast

 Podcast has been soaring in popularity for years with the number of audiences constantly increases every week. This is such a new exciting way to earn money since podcasting has become one of the mainstream content channels.

Having an online podcast isn’t beneficial only to your popularity among audiences but also to your connection with sponsors and advertisers. The key to producing a successful podcast is finding a niche that you are passionate about talking about and captivates the right group of people. From that, focus on growing an audience. And as soon as you earn a certain repute, monetizing becomes much easier. 

Learn more about podcasting before getting started:

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is definitely one of the most outstanding examples of the boundless possibility when making online income. You can start affiliate marketing utilizing your website, blog, podcast, or simply your social networks.

Basically, every time you refer a service or product from your brand partner by using your own affiliate code, it generates profit whenever a purchase is made. There are multiple affiliate programs available on the internet that you can sign up for. Make sure you choose a proper program relating to the content channel. 

Make Money Online India Easy Affiliate Website
Amazon Affiliate is one of the most trusted affiliate websites in India

Amazon Associates appears to be the best affiliate website in India as it allows you to get access from all parts of the country with a trusted platform and no payment issue is required.

Youtuber Make Money Online In India
Becoming a Youtuber is easier that anyone can get started with just a smartphone or camera

4. Become a YouTuber

With up to 1.3 billion users, Youtube is a tremendous platform for raising personal popularity as well as online monetization. In fact, thanks to youtube, many people have become self-made millionaires and go on developing several more profitable businesses.

Apart from views, YouTubers also earn money through ads network and sponsored content. Developing a successful youtube channel requires time, dedication and of course, creativity. So in order to gain actually money from your youtube channel, you have to stay passionate.

Try to develop videos basing on topics that you're interested in like traveling, cooking, makeups, singing or dancing. There're plenty of ideas that you can create for your Youtube channel.

Make Money Online India Easy Online Tutoring
There are several types of online tutoring that suitable for your skills and knowledge

The internet has always served as a huge source of information with innumerable advantages. Internet users can easily access to whatever kind of knowledge they want to. For that reason, online learning has become a great demand.

If you own some skills, you and totally make money from it with a proper teaching methodology. From languages, cooking, writing to marketing skills, basically everything can attract online learners. When you haven’t achieved any reputation in a teaching position, you can always utilize the education platform. Using education sites will make it easier for you to find students and sell courses.

Take a look at best websites for online tutoring in India like Vedantu, VipkidTeachers, Naukri or Chegg to see which one can suit you best.

Make Money Online India Easy Online Business
Growing an online business for extra money, why not?

6. Starting an online business

If you have been always wanted to run your own business but do not have enough money or time to open a real shop, set up an online business is the best idea. In fact, online business is likely to be less affected by the coronavirus lockdown than others as your products can be sent through delivery service.

You will need to decide what kind of product you want to sell and find some wholesale providers. You can promote your business on your personal social media handle to reach your friends and acquaintances or even run ads to reach more customers. Opening a shop on eCommerce platforms like Amazone, Flipkart, Snapdeal, or Myntra is also a great way to get access to your potential customer.  Make sure you have a clear plan before getting started.

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