Top Legging Trends That You Can See Everywhere In 2019

Kanchana Ngan |Feb 08, 2019

The image wearing legging paired with classic Adidas makes everyone become more active and healthier. 

Legging has been received recognition not only at the gym but also in daily life as a fashionable clothing item. The image wearing legging paired with classic Adidas makes everyone more active and healthier.

Even though the original form is still favourable, it is trendy this year to add some patterns or adjustments. Side stripes on modern fabrics, over eye-catching prints, together with other stylish features like mesh panels or colour-blocking, all will be seen everywhere in 2019.

Below are some suggestions for you.

Updated Classics

Legging updated classics

Left: The beloved Adidas 3-stripe tights (order on at the price of $40) will fit perfectly for any activity you want, from lower body part workout to cuddling up on the sofa.

Center: Having the same functions, the Koral Rhys Mid Rise Energy Legging (order on at the price of $125), meanwhile, is equipped with waistband logo, compression fabric, and pearlized finish, so that a high yet chic performance can be delivered.

Right:  You can’t miss Women’s Track Pant (order on at the price of $50) with its subtle side stripe. More ideally, there are two trendy colours including black and pink available for you to choose.

Sleek Neutrals

Legging sleek neutrals

Left: Shimmering stripe around the leg in the Ivy Park Metallic Asymmetrical Stripe Legging (order on at the price of $90) will help you stand out amid the crowd. Rather than straight ones, the pants’ snake stripes are definitely on-point.

Center: It is also possible to keep yourself warm during cold-weather workouts with the Sweaty Betty Thermodynamic Run Legging (order on at the price of $135), designed in insulating fabric and velvet stripes.

Right: You are looking for both quality and price in a product? The High-Rise 7/8-Length Side-Stripe Yoga Legging (order on at the cost of $28) is definitely an ideal option. So versatile it is that you never have to worry about being uncomfortable no matter how active you are all day.

Multicolor Stripes

Legging Multicolor Stripes

Left: You can easily steal the spotlight when matching the Floyd Legging from Bandier’s just-launched All Access sets (order on at the price of $118) and Floyd Crop Top.

Center: The Lorna Jane Nexus Core Tight (order on at the price of $111) lets you embrace two popular trends in one thanks to its mesh cutouts and candy-coloured stripes.

Right: If you desire a chic look presented through outstanding colours that can be observed from a different angle, the P.E. Nation Crossbar Legging (order on at the price of $150) is highly recommended. It possesses a seven-colour stripe on one side and solid green colour block on the other.

Stripes + Patterns

Legging stripes patterns

Left: The Nike Hurley Hanoi Legging (order on at the price of $68) goes a deep impression on viewers with its colourful tropical patterns. But there is no need to worry about being outcasted and awkward because it is balanced by a solid black side stripe.

Center: A product of the well-known Athleta brand, the Athleta Contender Blossom 7/8 Tight (order on at the price of $89) is perfect for the romantic with its sweet floral pattern and unexpected navy stripe. How about you are nowhere to be connected with this type yet still want to give it a try? Don’t worry as the pair of pants provide you with the lively and gentle look but not too girly and fragile.

Right: You are feeling tired of wearing the same design as everyone else around? You desire something distinguished and stunning? Try out the Upside Good Dinosaur NYC Pant (order on at the price of $99). The tiny colourful patterns which embrace your whole long leg are top secret for the perfect look you always dream of.


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