Game of Thrones: Tips And Tricks To Get Luscious Looks Like Ladykiller Kit Harington

Kanchana Ngan |Apr 16, 2019

Anyone who ever watches Game of Thrones must be impressed with the character Jon Snow, especially with his fashionable hairstyles.

When talking about good-looking actors on the big screen, many names can flash through your mind. However, few can surpass the image of Game Of Thrones' Jon Snow (Kit Harington) being charming in his fashionable hairstyles, which can make every man out there envy and desire.

We're all familiar with his curly hair, which through episodes has slight changes and variations, in the film. It's undoubted that the haircuts are not easy to follow or to take care of. But if you are still into the curly mantle, here is a good start for you.

Top barber Dan Smith from Ruffians in Edinburgh, UK recently shared some tips on how to get Jon Snow's attractive hairstyles. They're straightforward for you to try by yourself effortlessly.

Kill It All

Jon Snow's natural look with curly effortless haircut
Jon Snow hairstyle: Kill It All (Source: FashionBeans)

With wavy strands arranged in a messy yet natural way, coupled with a little bit shorter facial hair, Jon Snow can kill it all at just the very first sight. Both of the features combine so perfectly to form such a charming and sexy look even for men.

According to Smith, that facial hair stands there for a specific reason. It can help to frame his figures, soften them and also highlight his deep soulful eyes. Should you desire this look, go to ask your barber to cut it bluntly at mid-length so that that split ends can be prevented.

The haircut also requires little effort to look after. Just dry it with a towel to get that smooth beachy appearance, then apply sea salt spray or other water-based products. Remember to dry it naturally as guided above, avoid using a dryer or heated devices to achieve the everyday texture.

Shine In Summer

Jon Snow shines brightly in the summer with brown hair color.
Jon Snow hairstyle: Shine In Summer (Source: FashionBeans)

Still that natural haircut, yet Kit Harington brings himself a whole fresh look with a lighter color. Being adored by fans, his brown natural hair color makes the appearance much brighter and healthier, which is highly recommended to have this summer.

Slick It Back

Jon Snow shows his menly appearance with hair slicked all back.
Jon Snow hairstyle: Slick It Back (Source: FashionBeams)

Once hair is cut down, it takes time to grow back to the original length. So what will you do should you have an important event to attend? Kit Harington could still neal it successfully as slicking his hair back and tie all behind. Walking the red carpet confidently, he received numerous compliments thanks to manly appearance.

To obtain this look, don't forget that the tie should only be kept at one or two centimeters long so that your appearance doesn't get girly and create a contrary effect. In case you desire to make it firm, merely style it wet with styling cream before gathering everything up. Or it's also possible to reverse the steps, with which you type hair up first, then spray hair products to make sure it will not fall off.

Refresh Your Look

Jon Snow with shorter hair to show off more of his handsome face
Jon Snow hairstyle: Refresh your look (Source: Flickr)

Besides filming Game Of Thrones, Harington needs to change his debonair-warrior appearance. He has done lost of variations, and one of which is to make hair shorter, showing off more of his attractive facial features. Commenting on this style, Smith said that it can "help to create a more refined, polished look while still embracing Kit's curls." He also grows a stubble on the sides to balance out everything.

The critical point to remain this tyle in shape is to dry it with a hairdryer and a vent brush while your hair is around 80 percent dry. Finish the preparation with a bit of styling paste to have a perfect look.

Keep It Original As In Game Of Thrones

Jon Snow keeps the original hair style as in Game Of Thrones.
Jon Snow hairstyle: Keep it original (Source: Flickr)

It is undeniable that Jon Snow is at his peak of appearance with this hairstyle. Generally if you wish to grow hair long, it's better to clean off all the beard; otherwise, your face will look extremely dark due to too much hair. But that rule doesn't apply to Kit Harington since he still steals the spotlight amid a super-cast of the famous series.

Smith shares that Harington has to tidy much of his hair on the neck, cheeks by razor so that only a little length is kept to create movement and lessen the heaviness. Take care of your hair with sea salt sprays and beard oil for smoothness.


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