If Snoring Is Your Problem, These May Be The Reasons You Haven’t Thought Of

Kimmy Karima |Sep 22, 2019

Snorers are not easy (in fact, very annoying) to sleep with. Not only that, they often feel drained in the morning and suffer from other problems like sore-throat or hoarseness, or even headache. The reasons behind snoring may vary, see if yours is listed

A lot of people snore but surprisingly, not many people know the real (and maybe simple) reasons behind their snoring or if they can do anything to improve this condition. So read on to find if the reasons below are true to you and/or your partner, and what you should do to make sleeping time better for you and those you share the bed with.

Alcohol drinks

Drink your wine during the day, not at night.

Many like some wine with their dinners and while that may improve your appetite, the wine may have an impact on your sleep. That’s because alcohol may relax the muscles of your airway, which contributes to snoring. The solution here is quite simple: avoid any alcohol beverages near bedtime. If you like some wine, drink it a few hours before you go to sleep to minimize the effects.

Blocked nasal passage

Nasal sprays may help with your snoring too.

If your nasal passage is blocked, you’re more likely to snore, partly because you’ll open your mouth to breathe at night. There are a lot of reasons for your blocked nasal passage, like allergy or flu etc. You should find the exact problem to manage it effectively. For example, you may use nasal sprays or clean your house daily to have a cleaner environment.

Sleeping position

You’d better not sleep on your back.

Those who sleep on the back tend to snore and they make more deafening sounds. The reason is that when you sleep on your back, you’re more likely to open your mouth, then the jaw and the base of your tongue may collapse to the back wall of the throat. That causes vibrating sounds when you sleep. So sleep on your side if your partner complain about your snoring.


Controlling your weight means controlling your sleep.

Overweight people tend to snore a lot and snore loudly, because of fatty tissue and weak muscle tone. And if you have excessive weight around your neck, you’ll be more likely to snore even though you’re not fat on the whole. Go on a good diet to lose weight, and you’ll have deeper sleep through the night.

Thyroid problems

Some thyroid problems may lead to snoring.

Some problems with your thyroid may lead to snoring, because your breathing may not be as easy as an average person’s. To treat thyroid problems, you must visit a doctor so he/she can identify the exact condition and give you a prescription. You should also pay attention to other symptoms of thyroid problems, like exhaustion or anxiety etc.

Old age

Snoring comes with old age too.

Some people start snoring when they get older, because the muscles get floppy over time, especially those around the throat, of course. If this is the case, you should try exercising daily, including throat exercise, that is singing. Singing doesn’t just help you less likely to snore, but it also helps improve your mood.

Mouth structure

Some people just snore because of their mouth structures.

Everybody is different, so if you have a certain mouth structure, you may have more tendency to snore. But even in this case, you don’t have to live with it forever. See a doctor and he/she may have some kind of treatment for you, or will suggest that you use some appliance that helps you have quieter sleep.


Being a man may means being a snorer.

Men tend to snore more than women, according to researchers. Maybe because women’s air passages are wider, or because women consume less alcohol. Not all reasons have been pointed out, but it’s obvious that more women complain about their male partners’ noisy sleep, right?

In case you don’t think the above reasons are true to your condition, you should ask a professional to find and treat any other problems you may have, so you’ll have better sleep every night.


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