How to get beautiful hair in the morning if you are a night time showerer

Author |Sep 02, 2018

Too simple to say goodbye to flat and frizzy morning tresses.

Good hair post shower

When it comes to cleansing your hair, you probably have one of two choices: the kind of perosn who will only wash their hair in the morning to make sure it's in right place all day, or you'll do it  before bed to ensure you can be lazy around as much as possible in the morning.

In the winter, most of us will intend to have an extra fifteen minutes of sleep. You may have to leave the house ridiculously early, or you're just too comfortable to force yourself into the shower. You'll also know after a good night sleep, your hair either looks volumnous, or seriously flat or frizzy. And sometimes, it's both. It seems that when you wash your tresses at night, it will have a much bigger impact than we initially thought.

If you have a shower at night and sleep on your hair, then every day will have a different result because your hair's cuticle is drying in different ways and being affected by the fabric you sleep on. But if you refuse to ditch your late night shower, there is still chance that you have a good hair day. According to the professionals, there's a way for unruly locks: give your hair a quick blow dry before bed, making sure that it's around 80% dry before going to bed. Plus, you can braid or wrap a silk scarf around your hair to keep it from getting tangled while you sleep. Too simple to say goodbye to flat and frizzy morning tresses.


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