5 Simple Ways To Transform Your Boring Bath Into An Amazing Spa Experience

Maanyata Thu |Mar 04, 2019

These 5 simple ways will turn your regular bath into an amazing spa session.

A spa day can make you feel pampered. However, you cannot go to a spa daily due to its high prices. But don’t worry, with five simple tricks below you can get all the spa experience right at your own home and make every day a spa day. Let’s check it out.

Add essential oil


One of the perfect ways to tailor your bath for your needs is adding a few drops of essential oil to the tub and just let the scent unwind you.

Must try: Essential Orange Oil from Wow soothes tiredness, alleviates anxiety, and unclogs pores.

Scrub Up


Scrubbing up not only eliminates dirt and dead skin but also leaves your body feeling relaxed.

Must try: The Beauty Co.’s Chocolate Coffee Scrub contains cocoa powder to give glowing and smooth skin.

Use the bath bomb

Bath Bomb

The bath bomb is a great way to enhance your bath. It can also help to relax any muscle pain and clear your head.

Must try: Aura De Purity’s Peppermint Bath Bomb will make the bath a relaxing and soothing experience. This 100% organic bath bomb repairs, energises and deodorises your skin.

Turn On Your Favorite Music


Listening to your favourite music on one radio bath will help to clear your mind and put you in a better mood while soaking into a long, warm bath without worrying about the water will destroy it.

Must try: Sharper Image Floating Duck Bath Radio is water-resistant and plays FM and AM Radio.

Wrap Up


You could not have a relaxing spa day without a bathrobe. Forget about your regular towel and use it instead to wrap yourself after one relaxing bath.

Must try: The Elevato bathrobe is as fancy as any bathrobe you can find at a spa. It is made of terry cloth in a deep pink so you can feel both comfortable and stylish when wearing it.


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