6 Ways to remove facial hair in comparision

Author |Sep 14, 2018

Did you know that Marilyn Monroe used to shave her face? So did Elizabeth Taylor. Why? To get rid of peach fuzz. You know, the fine, short hairs that seem to accumulate on sideburns, your jaw region and upper lip area.

How To Tackle Facial Hair Removal Once and For All - Women's Health UK

Removing facial hair has been going on for years.  According to research, 40% of UK women feel uncomfortable about facial hair in social situations, while 75% reported clinical levels of anxiety. With creams, lotions, waxes and tweezers on offer, you’d think it would be easy to remove them off your face. But which one is the best use ? Which one lasts the longest and works fastest?


It’s very important that your skin is clean and dry before removing hair. By washing your skin, you’ll  get bacteria and excess sebum off. Don’t use any oils or moisturisers before waxing as this will create slip and make holding onto the hairs more difficult.


Beautiful Hair

Once upon a time, the cream was pungent with chemical scents, but the newest formulas promise facial hair removal without the smell.

3. WAX

Simply follow the instructions and apply the wax to the area you want to wax. Using a small stick will help you smooth the formula where it’s needed. If you have sensitive skin, this product may not be approriated, as waxing can cause irritation.


Shaving won’t cause your hair to grow faster and harder afterwards as people said. It might feel a bit pricklier because the hair gets cut in half. If you prefer shaving to remove facial hair, just be sure to use a shaving gel, foam or oil and have a mirror handy. And use warm water to help soften your skin and avoid razor burn.


This common practice hails from Middle Eastern and Asian countries and involves a thin double cotton thread, that’s rolled over your skin in a particular way to pull hair from their follicles. And because this method can pull multiple hairs out at once, it would help you save time the most.


If you want a more permanent form of facial hair removal,  try IPL which shoots wavelengths of light that are converted into heat to kill the bulb of the hair follicle. You might need a few sessions before you see the difference. And the price would be the most expensive one out of the methods.


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