Horoscopes: Interesting Discovery Based On Sidereal Astrology

Ananya Trang |Oct 30, 2019

If being familiar with the horoscopes through tropical astrology, you will surely find many new and fascinating discoveries from sidereal astrology.

What does Sidereal Astrology mean?

While almost horoscopes seen in the USA and Europe are based on tropical astrology setting stars to seasons to the Earth, another system called sidereal astrology is based on the location of constellations in the sky. Both forms have their signs named by constellation.

According to the observation of the change of stars’ position, there is a twenty-four degrees fluctuation between the actual constellations and the tropical system, so it makes the sun signs of two system differences.

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In sidereal astrology:

Aries: Born between Apr 21 and May 12.

Taurus: Born between May 13 and Jun 19.

Gemini: Born between Jun 20 and Jul 16.

Cancer: Born between Jul 17 and Aug 6.

Leo: Born between Aug 7 and Sep 14.

Virgo: Born between Sept 15 and Nov 3.

Libra: Born between Nov 4 and Nov 22.

Scorpio: Born between Nov 23 and Dec 6.

Ophiuchus: Born between Dec 7 and Dec 18.

Sagittarius: Born between Dec 19 and Jan 19.

Capricorn: Born between Jan 20 and Feb 13.

Aquarius: Born between Feb 14 and Mar 9.

Pisces: Born between Mar 10 and Apr 20.

If a person's date of birth is within three days of another sign, he/she is a blend of both.

In the past, the Egyptians, Persians, and Mayans used the sidereal system because of its accuracy more than a theoretical system based on a fixed astrological map of stars.

The characteristic of each zodiac sign

Sidereal Astrology
Sidereal Astrology

It is easy to see the difference between the forms is that the sidereal astrology has a thirteenth sign named Ophiuchus. It means as the serpent- bearer or a man grasping a snake.

If a person belongs to this zodiac, he/ she is smart, spirited, curious, especially an extreme sense of humor. But sometimes, he/she is hot-tempered and single-minded and quite suspecting.

With other zodiacs, they also have their traits:

Aries is determined, brave, sufficiently powerful, aggressive, and combative.

Taurus is gentle, supportive, romantic, stubborn, greedy, and self- important.

Gemini is intelligent, adaptable, optimistic, sensitive, trustful, and distracted.

Cancer is kind, attentive, inspired, reserved, oversensitive, and defensive.

Leo is humor, generous, caring, uncompromising, overconfident, and jealous.

Virgo is energetic, planned, hands-on, acute, overwhelmed, and critical.

Libra is warm, generous, fair, hesitant, manipulative, and indecisive.

Scorpio is attractive, heroic, enthusiastic, curious, obsessive, and secretive.

Sagittarius is happy, passionate, courageous, arrogant, irresponsible, and reckless.

Capricorn is desirable, hardworking, responsible, cold, stubborn, and pessimistic.

Aquarius is resourceful, independent, open-hearted, crazy, impractical, and detached.

Pisces is reserved, generous, sympathetic, anxious, sensitive, and overconfident.

The meaning of a sidereal birth chart


Three elements of a sidereal birth chart are houses, signs, and planets.

House represents for inner peace area to a person.

Signs represent the quality of life through their characteristics, discipline, trying.

Planets represent transient progress of life and personality.

Looking at his/her birth chart and combining it with observing the sun, moon, ascendant, you will discover your personality effectively and efficiently.

The sidereal astrology and tropical astrology: Which one is more reliable?

June Horoscopes Sagittarius Compressed

Maybe it will not have an exact answer for this question. Each one has its own positive and negative sides, which are based on observation and changes of constellations in universal. Everyone has their own opinions about their life and destiny, but they should have objective comments on the field they care.


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