Hawkeye’s Edgy New Mohawk Is Our Favorite Thing About "Avengers: End Game" Trailer And Here’s How To Get It

Maanyata Thu |Mar 23, 2019

Here’s how you can cop this super-hairstyle.

Marvel just released the new trailer of the much-awaited film, Avengers: Endgame. The latest trailer not only revealed more about the plot through the common theme of ‘whatever it takes’ but also showed a plethora of fantastic new hairstyles for our favourite superheroes.

And the most awesome haircut was Hawkeye’s, who was seen sporting in a neat and edgy Mohawk. If you are one fan of his fantastic Mohawk or the ‘Mo(hawk)eye’, Nitin Manchanda, the Creative Head of Wella Professionals, will help you create this super-hairstyle.

How to get the ‘Mo(hawk)eye’


According to Nitin Manchanda, to cut a Mohawk, you should grow your hair long.

Screenshot 286

Before cutting, you should decide what style you want so it will be very helpful if you show the hairdresser one photo of who you want to look like - Hawkeye, in this case.

To have a Mo(hawk)eye, you need to shave off the sides of your hair and keep the back hair’s length shorter than on the top. Remember that cutting mohawks demands a lot of precision, so it is better to go to a salon and get an expert to cut it for you.

How to style it

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Mohawk is the relatively high-maintenance haircut, so you have to style it with suitable products before going out. Otherwise, you are going to look like a mess.

Screenshot 287

He adds that you also need hairspray to create the style because it ensures that the spikes won’t fall flat only after a few minutes.


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