Hairstyle 2019: 9 Cute Yet Stylish Trends For Thin Hair

Kanchana Ngan |Jan 21, 2019

Thin hair stops you from experiencing different hair styles, or lessens your level of self-esteem? Below are 9 escape ways for you.


1 - Cropped Pixie

hair 1

In 2010, the public was left in awe with Emma Watson's short crop haircut, which also marked the comeback era of this chic hairstyle 2019. The past years have observed numerous celebrities' confident appearance in it. This widespread owes its reason to cropped pixie's creation of thicker hair illusion thanks to choppy layers. You also find it surprisingly easy to take care of your hair, all needed is just a little pomade.

2 - Pompadour

Hair 2

If you are looking for ways to have your hair thickened, Pompadour is your ideal choice. It is "an awesome way to disguise thinner hair with a short cut," Samantha Sheppard, lead stylish at Glam+Go commented. She also advises having a small discussion with your barber before the cut to decide the proper length on the sides depending on your face figure.

3 - Short Bob

Hair 3

Despite its first appearance a long time ago, short bob is still recognized as a modern hairstyle 2019. Thickness is considerably increased by light graduation, together with the inside layers. Micki Charles, a stylist at The Red Door Salon, suggests you trying a low-elevation graduated bob to perfect your look.

4 - Layered Lob

Hair 4

Should you feel unsatisfied with a super-short bob cut, why not trying a multiple-layered lob, or in other words, long bob? Lots of layers at shoulder length help to keep your femininity, at the same time show your chic look. Moreover, it is no need to worry about hair care, because spraying a styling product is enough to keep form and protect it from humidity and wind.

5 - Shoulder-Length Blunt Cut

Hair 5

Another effective way to create an illusion of hair thickness is applying Shoulder-length blunt cut. So natural does the style look that it can benefit you with a sweet and youthful image. Shoulder-length blunt cut not only aids to shape a geometric look, but you are able to make a transformation to your appearance by trying updos or braids.

6 - One-Length Cut

Hair 6

Being a fan of classic style? Then One-length cut is a perfect option. Explaining about it, Charles says, “With all your hair meeting at the same perimeter, this allows your locks to be thickest at this length." Emma Stone's look is a typical example for the short to long, or A-line haircut. Charles recommends A-line, one-length cut slightly below the collarbone.

7 - Super Layered

Hair 7

If you are unwilling to shorten your hair, there is another way to maintain the length yet obtain a fashionable look at the same time. A Super layered haircut will help to foster the illusion of volume, but it is the length which makes a difference from layered lob. The style seems to match perfectly with ones not wanting to lose their feminist beauty. Plus, in case your hair is thick enough, make yourself younger with a cute bang.

8 - Balayage

Hair 8

Should you wish to make your hair more outstanding, do not hesitate to highlight it via balayage and see the magic. According to Sheppard, some locks of light color help your hair shine to the fullest with extended thickness and vitality. It is advised to have balayage a few levels lighter than your normal color.

9 - Relaxed and Piecey

Hair 9

This beautiful hairstyle actually does not create a perfect look, as admitted by Charles, because it is more suitable for a boho vibe. Just like how Gwyneth Paltrow steals the spotlight, the pieces, a relaxed look will help you feel right at home. This style is mostly one-length, long and as natural as possible, without even a single lock of the layer. Concerning taking care of it, you just need to remember to trim every two-and-a-half months to prevent sparse strands at the very end.


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