Gemini Personality Traits: Here Are All The Secrets You Need To Know (Part 2)

Kanchana Ngan |Jun 17, 2019

If you're into a Gemini, here's all you need to know about him/her: personality traits, favorites and star signs with which they're closet.

Gemini (22 May - 22 June) is among the Air signs (along with Aquarius and Libra), who are recognized as smart, speedy, sharp and practical; they prefer thinking to feel. They are also versatile, fun and youthful, which makes them great companions or friends that all other star signs wish to have.

Gemini personality traits (Source: Pinterest)

What are Geminis into?

Reading - Writing

Words are their daily tool. They are into talking, chatting, communication, so there's no wonder why they like to read. You can't stop a curious Gemini anyway, can you?


Curiosity triggers Geminis' favor in traveling. Trips and journeys around the world to see new places and discover new cultures can instantly make them alive. They're always ready for a scene change, so why not bringing a Gemini out if you're in love with him/her?

Gemini Travelling
Gemini is traveling. (Source: Flickr)

Making friends

Geminis acknowledge that people are equal to sources of information. Not surprisingly, they make tons of friends wherever they go, keep them in touch, then call them quite frequently to maintain the relationships. However, their interest may not last long, causing them to cut many contacts after shortly a few months.

Drinking wine and Partying

There's literally no "OFF" button for an energetic Gemini. They can move from a dinner date to night club, then party till the dawn.

Gemini Party
Gemini won't say no to a wild party. (Source: Pixabay)

Who's the perfect match for Geminis?

Many people will be impressed by Geminis' outgoing, fun and youthful personalities. Although it's true that making friends with a Gemini doesn't require much effort, not anyone can become close with them. Relationships, sometimes, even seem difficult, especially the intimate ones which are expected to be ever after.

All Air signs are clever and entertaining enough to keep people engaged, yet at the same time, know how to respect and maintain the others' space. So, undoubtedly, Libra and Aquarius have a high chance of getting on well with Geminis.

Gemini Friends Compressed
Gemini, Aquarius, and Libra can get along well. (Source: Wiki)

Regarding sexual relationships, Sagittarius proves to be the perfect choice for a Gemini. Both are naughty, daring, party-hard freaks who hold no hesitation to live it all for today. Exciting hot sex can be anticipated.

It's nearly the time for Geminis who are born during the period of 22 May and 22 June. What else to wait for? Let's throw crazy parties to celebrate the upcoming birthdays of one of the most attractive star signs.


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