Experts Warn Women about Gel Manicures Allergy Epidemic

Author |Oct 02, 2018

Gel manicures have become a beauty trend toward women in recent years. It’s totally irrefrangible, impossibly glossy, and offered at most nail salons. However, this item isn’t always risk-free.

Gel manicures are one of the most exciting beauty innovations recently. This gel has a chemical composition that enables it to last for more than two weeks without chipping. You will put your nails under an ultraviolet (UV) light to harden the gel.While these manicures make your nails look natural, the potential damage to your nail is a big factor that can’t be ignored.

A new study by the British Association of Dermatologists has found that gel nails, acrylic nails, and gel polish can cause allergic reactions.

The chemicals in gel manicures known as methacrylates can cause nails to loosen or skin to develop redness, pus, or swelling. It not just localized to the fingertips but potentially anywhere on the body that has come into contacts with the nails.

UK and Irish dermatology clinics in 2017 surveyed 4,931 patients tested for methacrylate allergies, of which up to is 2.4 percent of women are allergic to methacrylates. And 33 percent of allergy cases occurred in nail technicians while working.

However, most people experiencing adverse allergies may not link their symptoms to their nails, especially if the symptoms occur elsewhere on the body.

The survey also found that at-home kits may be the culprit behind allergies reactions.

Dermatologists particularly urge people to be careful when using home kits. If you use it, make sure that you use the recommended UV lamp for curing, and read the instructions carefully. And remember to avoid any direct skin contact with the methacrylate nail product.

If you’re experiencing any of the above allergy symptoms or just simply worrying your health nail, book an appointment with your doctor or dermatologist. No matter how shiny your nails, pay attention to its health first.


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