Summer Trends: 8 Recommended Fragrances To Smell Chic And Trendy

Bindhiya Nhi |Mar 29, 2019

Prepare to smell like heaven!

Summer 2019 is around the corner, and when it comes to fragrances we can't stop spritzing... Along with predictable notes, here are some new and exciting trends in this season. Wait no more, here are eight perfume trends to make you smell chic and trendy!

1. Juicy and Fruity

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According to perfume expert, Nathalie Benareau from Symrise, juicy fruit is definitely trendy. From passionfruit to rhubarb, people tend to prefer natural scent as it feels like they are in a peaceful place. Moreover, Nathalie adds that clean beauty is also favourite nowadays with the rise of alcohol-free perfumes.

Recommendation: Hermès Eau De Rhubarbe Ecarlate

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2. Coffee Essence

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Perfume expert Patricia Choux from MANCE explains that there are two ways to categorise ingredient trends. One is food and beverage aroma; another is a healthy ingredient.

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Besides having a smoky wood and roasted note, the coffee fragrance is a good pick because it is genderless.

Recommendation: Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Eau de Parfum

3. Sustainable Scents

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People always prefer one-of-a-kind fragrances, but at the same time, they do care about environmental protection. According to perfume expert Donna Ramanauskas, eco-friendly products are trending, and a sustainable scent is not an exception.

Recommendation: Sana Jardin Discovery Set

4. Warm And Fluffy Scents

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Perfume expert Adriana Medina from Givaudan had an interesting answer when she mentions "skin touch". She explains that in such a cold and digital world like ours, everyone is yearning for warm and fluffy essences. Amber notes are recommended as it undoubtedly brings you a feel of "skin touch". After all, who will not fall for "safe and sound" fragrances?

Recommendation: Clean Reserve Amber Saffron

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5. Greenery

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We care about eco-friendly, and without surprise, green s also become such a trend. Perfume expert Frank Voeklkl from Firmenich describes that people are unconsciously heading to greenery, choosing perfumes which can reflect these qualities.

Recommendation: AERIN Beauty Éclat de Vert Parfum

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6. Raw Fragrance

Beetroot And Pistachio Salad
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If you are looking for something healthy, let's think of those fresh and fine fragrances. From beetroot to carrot, it seems like people are using a pantry full of raw ingredients when it comes to perfumes. Expert Sabine de Tscharner from Firmenich is not surprised by this trend.

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Recommendation: Demeter Beetroot

7. Patchouli

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You might not know this, but patchouli can be a great warm base to create some of the loveliest smells.

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Recommendation: Le Labo Patchouli 24

S L1000

8. Leather

Source: Tom Ford

Dislike fruity or sweet fragrance? Don't worry because leathers, woods, and ouds will never get old. Perfume expert Celine Barel explains that leather fragrance can make people around you feel comfortable with unique scents.

Recommendation: Tom Ford Tuscan Leather


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