Don’t Have New Tattoo If You Don’t Know or Follow These 8 Aftercare Tips

Rena Quynh |Mar 12, 2019

All the aftercare tips you need to follow.

1. Tattoo Artist's Advice Cannot Be Missed

Although sometimes post-tattoo care tips may not be the same from one tattooist to another, even when they work together in a shop. But don't worry, you need to follow your tattooist's instructions, and often they will give you flyers to take home.


2. Cleanse The Tattoo After Few Hours

It is recommended that you do not allow the new tattoo to come into contact with water and chemicals for 2-5 hours after getting a new tattoo. After that time, you can wash the tattoo gently with warm water and mild soap.

3. Use Unscented Moisturizer

At this stage, applying a thin layer of unscented moisturiser is essential. Tattooists often offer you the right moisturiser. Someone will advise you to protect the new tattoo with a thin layer of gauze or someone will need to keep it airy. Generally, studios will recommend you to repeat the cleaning process 3-5 times a day.

4. Always Remember, Clean and Dry

Remember that you need to keep the tattoo clean and dry. You can take a shower but do not use the bath or soak in water for a long time, implementing this rule at least one month. Use gauze to protect the tattoo if your clothes rub on it.

5. Avoid Direct Sunlight

Avoid exposing new tattoo to direct sunlight unless necessary, especially if you have coloured tattoos; the sunlight will make the tattoo fade away very quickly. So until the tattoo completely heals, you should always apply sunscreen to the tattoo for the best protection.


6. Be Patient With Healing Times

Your skin condition or tattoo size will affect recovery time. If you have a small tattoo with a thin line, it could be about a week. If you have large tattoos and sophisticated details, the recovery process can take several months. During the recovery period, you need to follow the instructions, keep the tattoo clean, apply an unscented moisturiser, and don't use abrasive cream.

7. Do Not Itch

When the tattoo starts to recover, it will have flakes and become itchy.  If it itches, don't scratch - slap it lightly instead. If your tattoo shows signs of uncontrollable itching, redness, and continue bleeding after a day's tattoo or burning sensation, you should go to the tattooist for treatment instructions. The infection is not common but is still possible. Prevention is better than cure.

8. Go Back To The Studio For Touch-up

If your tattoo is faded away, feel free to go to the studio where you tattooed and ask them to refill. Every studio wants to keep prestige, so they always want to give customers the best quality. After six weeks, you can still go to the studio again to touch up wherever you want.


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