Best Ideas To Relieve Stress During Lockdown According To Your Zodiac Sign

Bhavna Acharya |Apr 13, 2020

Your mental health is also as important as your physical health! Besides practicing mindfulness to relieve stress through yoga, meditation,..etc, you can also take zodiac signs into account.

At the moment, around one-third of the world’s population is practicing self-isolation due to the novel coronavirus. While for some people, staying at home is a cup of tea, others may find it extremely difficult to get through this quarantine period. Consequently, solutions to solve problems relating to isolation or anxiety are in high demand. Besides practicing mindfulness to relieve stress through yoga, meditation,..etc, you can also take zodiac signs into account.

During this pandemic, taking care of your mental health is as important as protecting your physical health. And if you want to effectively nurse your mind, it’s crucial that you know the right way. In fact, there are multiple factors that affect the mental condition. Zodiac sign is one of them. Today we give you guidance on how to handle stress based on horoscope and astrology.

relieve stress zodiac sign exersice woman
The best way to reduce stress? Workout!


Relying on the fact that Aries is all about being energetic and superlatively fiery, taking physical activity would be the best way for you to blow off some steam. Since stepping outside doesn’t quite live up to the idea of social-distancing, consider taking indoor cardio exercises instead. 


With Taurus, having a full stomach is definitely the secret key to a happy heart. A wholesome meal would be the best that a Taurus could ask for. Basically, Taurus will reach the highest level of satisfaction when being bellyful. Accordingly, the best mindfulness therapy for Taurus would be enjoying your delicious home-made dishes.

relieve stress zodiac sign video call man
Clear the lockdown blue by making a video call to friends is also an effective solution


In regard to Geminis’ expressive intent, being able to get things out of chest is the best way to make peace with their inner selves. It's always better out than in, so just let your thoughts out and process your emotions. If you feel down, remember that you can always count on your friends or seek advice from a therapist.


As a Cancer, you have the tendency to stay in your comfort zone every time you are down in the dumps. Your process of combating anxiety requires a sense of safety and stillness. It is likely that after taking a nap or cozying up at home, you will recover. 

relieve stress zodiac sign woman takes a nap
Cancer is good at handling their stress and loneliness just by taking a nap 


Leo is such a social butterfly who would paint the town red everywhere. For that reason, in order to get out of tension, Leos need to find something that intrigues them. In Leos’ situation, being a full-time couch potato probably worsens their mental healths. Rather than that, holding a solo and dance party sounds much more rational.


It’s true that Virgo is extremely obsessed with staying neat and tidy. Hence, if Virgo ever feels blue, all they have to do is starting cleaning and re-organizing things. Virgo actually found peace when surrounding themselves with sparky and clean environment. With that being said, just make a cleaning planner follow and all your anxiety will go away.

relieve stress zodiac sign paint picture
Channel the artist out of you by spending your quarantine on a work of art


Libra is likely to stay lost in their own artistic world to find peace in mind. Accordingly, whenever you feel down, just start adopting new hobbies such as drawing, designing, knitting or cooking. Basically, use those practices as a distraction from your boring quarantine life. 


Nostalgia is definitely one of Scorpio’s biggest weaknesses. You would regularly catch yourself unconsciously reminiscing something that’s no longer important anymore. Letting the past dominate your present has never been a good sign, so learn to let bygone be bygone. Take “carpe diem” as your motto and try mindfulness exercise right now! We have had enough negativity already! 

Netflixrelieve stress zodiac sign
The ultimate Netflix is the thing we will never get enough of


The most effective way for you to relieve stress is to surround yourself with your favorite items. Grab your snack, put on your favorite TV show and you are ready to enjoy life again. 


Capricorns are always in a rush when undertaking a task. This can partly explain why stress hits you on such a regular basis. During quarantine, learn how to chill out a little bit and take it easy. You will be surprised at how you can balance your life without rushing through things. 

relieve stress zodiac sign taking a bath
Treating yourself with luxury experiences is a good way to relieve stress


Aquarius tend to find pleasure in helping people. Hence, voluntary activities would probably ignite your inner spirit and eventually help you out of sadness. 


Pisces are huge fans of luxurious experiences. Having a romantic rose petals bathtub with scented candles and champagne sounds exactly like the effective mental therapy that Pisces needs. After such a self-care practice like that, you are likely to bounce back to your life.


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