Beyoncé's Makeup Artist Shares Coolest Makeup Trends 2019

Kanchana Ngan |Jan 26, 2019

Celebrity makeup artist Sir John, who is working with US diva Beyoncé, and some famous MUAs such as Elie Maalouf, Adam Breuchaudm Amy Strozzi and Kindra Mann recently share a collection of the trendy makeup trends in 2019.

2019 has passed its very first month, new trends have also quickly set. It can be the evolution of cultural society or some makeup trends we shouldn't miss out.

Recently, a group of prominent makeup professionals, including Sir John (makeup artist behind Equinox's LIFE Campain and the one-and-only MUA of Beyoncé), Elie Maalouf, Adam Breuchaudm Amy Strozzi and Kindra Mann, have laid out a precious list of the most stylish makeup trends this year.

From monochromatic makeup to glowing skin, there are various styles available. You had better take a careful look and choose for yourself the most suitable one to steal the spotlight everywhere you go.

1. Bold colours

Makeup 1

It's time to give up the neutral palette which makes you look exhausted like a dead body. Instead, try a pop of colour, from tangerine to vermilion, all of which can brighten your look to suit the spring atmosphere. And first, start with your eyes. A bold liner or colourful mascara, just like the way gorgeous Joan Smalls or Breuchaud do, is the key to capture others' attention, despite you are in the midst of people. Sir John describes it as "a good way to embrace colour with open arms".

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2. Monochromatic makeup

Makeup 2

This simple style uses similar shades in different ways. The key that shouldn't be forgotten is "same, but different". You should utilise the same tones and shades of colour in a purposeful way that your eyes, cheeks and lips perfectly match each other. It is the pinky shade that is recommended by makeup artist Maalouf, who is responsible for the gorgeous look of Madelaine Petsch. However, you can give all other colours a try to see what is most suitable for you. Sir John confesses to being a big fan of cooler, soft tones called "50 Shades of Grey" personally by himself. Warm brown lips, cheeks with similar shades together with fairer eyes shadow, the set of absolute harmony can help you humbly shine in front of everybody else.

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3. Lit-From-Within Skin

Makeup 3

Fresh-faced glow is also the style that never seems to get old-fashioned. So what should be done to obtain this natural look? Maalouf suggests trying sheer coverage instead of full-coverage foundations for a lighter fresher look. Mann advises you to purchase makeup products which double as skincare. And Sir John recommends applying more vitamin C and hyaluronic, both of which are considered miracle medicine against ageing. The former boosts cell turnover, thus minimizes hyperpigmentation and acne scarring, while the later well hydrates the skin.
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4. Pink Eyeshadow

Makeup 5

Valentine's Day is getting close, why not try something romantic? The perfect duo recommended by Strozzi is dewy pink eyes coming along with a cherry red lip. Pink eyeshadow is recognized as a hot trend this spring, making tone and formula softer. It can be easily blended with other makeup products, for example, a matte or shimmery gradient texture like what Rowan Blanchard was wearing in the picture.

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5. Strong Brows

Makeup 6

There's an old saying that, "Eyes are the window to the soul", and the same thing correctly applies to other eye-related parts like eyebrow, eyelash, eyelid. According to Breuchaud, a pair of perfectly shaped brows, particularly strong ones, is enough to sharpen your look and help to create your unique appearance other than everyone else. Take a look at Sarah Paulson's beautiful eyebrows and let your imagination grow.
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6. Glitter Accents

Makeup 7

Glittering is always fashionable, and this year's trend is described by Sir John as a recall of 80's disco one. A haphazard, messy but cool look will help your personal characteristics stand out, become somehow one-of-a-kind in your own mixing creation. The futuristic style emphasizes on glitter with organic and effortless application, plus a few faux freckles.

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7. Pretty Pastels

Makeup 8
As said above, the light and natural look are likely to be on-trend this year. And pastel tones are the top secret of numerous artists to get that no-makeup makeup appearance. Pale pink, baby blue, mint green, you can try all, together with statement graphic eyeliner to make more emphasis.
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8. Brightly Tinted Lip Balms

Makeup 9

Who is willing to face chapped lips and its hopeless texture? Who wants to say no with a youthful and lively pair of lips? You can get your fresh lips, ones that you always desire, simply by applying tinted lip balm. Mann said they will be used even more widely this year all year long, especially during winter and spring.

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9. Elongated Eyeshadow

Makeup 10
You are seeing the legendary and iconic look of Amy Winehouse. This style can be presented once again by elongated eyeshadow trend in traditional liner shapes to the forefront, which gives you a sultry, badass beauty.
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10. Just Doing You

Makeup 11

Saving the best for the last, here we have the most important trend of all time: be-yourself trend. Breuchaud always advises, "Trends are fun, but the best makeup always is a result of genuine and confident self-expression." So don't hesitate to self-imagine, self-created, and let your ego shine out to the world.

Try this trend with whatever products your heart desires.


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