5 Steps To Choose And Buy A Perfect Gift Of Lingerie For Your Woman

Shanaya Rishaan |Oct 31, 2019

Lingerie can be a perfect gift for your lady. So, to find the best one for her, all you need is to follow these 5 simple steps.

When special occasions are coming, buying a perfect gift for your most significant woman is usually a hard task. If you can’t decide which gift to surprise her, then our suggestion is lingerie.

But if you can’t decide what kind of lingerie will perfectly fit her, five steps below will help you opt for the best gift your lady.


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Girls love lingerie because a girl in a sexy set of lingerie can traditionally turn her man on, so it can be a great gift for your girlfriend. This can help her to keep the attraction alive, no matter how long your relationship is. Moreover, when you give lingerie as a present, you two can have a great experience together. Thus, just remember that all you want is to make your girl comfortable and sexy.

Know her feelings

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Her feelings when being in the lingerie is very important because of a large difference between the way men find their women sexy and the way women explore themselves sexy. If you don’t take her feelings into account before buying lingerie, she can immediately express her thought about this gift.

Don’t be selfish, just figure out how she feels when wearing her own lingerie, for example, she feels shy and self-conscious or outgoing and daring to bare all so that you can give her a perfect present on that special day.

Know her style and size

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Before going shopping for this special gift, you should look into her underwear drawer when she isn’t around and take notes or take pictures of her favourite items, sizes, and materials. Remember to check the size of some different items because there might be a slight difference in the size depending on each brand and style.

Besides, colour is another crucial factor that you should pay attention to. If you aren’t sure what colour will look best on her, go for the black one as this colour always a great colour for lingerie.

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Once you know her size, you can search on her styles. Here are some notes that can help you determine her style easier. For the bra, is she into the push-up, or a balconette or plunge one? Next, the panties, which style she prefer: Briefs, boyshorts, thongs, or knickers? Then, what is the fabric of almost her underwear: Cotton, silk, or lace?

The purchase

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It’s always a good idea to buy a set of lingerie if you want to give it as a present for your significant woman. After you’ve selected the bra, you should look for the matching knickers and accessories like stockings, sexy suspenders, and garters. Moreover, it's necessary to keep the receipt after giving this gift to her so that you can make an exchange in case the size was a bit loose or tight.

Giving the gift

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If it is a gift, don't forget to wrap them up. Before giving this special gift to your girl, remember to choose the elegant wrapping as this will express how thoughtful and sophisticated you are. You can ask the shop to place the lingerie inside a beautiful gift box, for example, a special silk bag and box offered from the wrapping service of the store where you bought this present.

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